once again engine sound problems

hey everyone,

i know its really an old story havin issues with enigne sounds but this time i'm stuck. i don't use any sound mod at all because i'm tired of running a system integrity check and copyin back and forth the bank files.

so this time, there are missing some of the engine sounds (kunos content). even if i run the system integrity check, steam says all good, nothing to download. well some cars work, some don't. anyone a clue besides redownloading files via system integrity check?

thx for your help


The James May of Simracing
For Kunos cars only, look in the sfx folder of the cars that don't work if they contain a GUIDs.txt file. If so, delete it. Kunos content doesn't use it and it will block the cars sound.

If you're unsure, delete the file you want to repair/replace before doing a Steam integrity check. Sometimes Steam sees the file as OK even though there's something wrong.