Not able to host games. Please help.

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    This text was intended for the tech support of codemasters. however I'm not able to send it because of this error "Please enter check description entered". maybe someone knows what I'm doing wrong.

    anyways to the main problem:

    Hello Codemasters Tech-Support (forum people ;) )
    my friend and I recently bought F1 2012, mainly to play coop. Sadly we can't seem to get it running. We're from Germany and are both behind (of course different) routers.

    The problem:
    -We both can't host games.

    -we both are able to play games online as long as we are NOT the hosts. so joining OTHER lobbies and racing there is no problem at all.

    ---(all of the following, till the end of this mail, is attempted with either my friend or myself as a host, with one exception which you'll notice)---

    What we attempted:
    -no firewalls
    -port forwarding (though we aren't really sure what ports exactly are required)
    -me hosting, which doesn't work, him hosting, with doesn't work either
    -another friend from the UK can host and we can both join and play fine. if one of us two hosts noone can play (mentioned again under "Other important stuff" what exactly happens).

    What we achieved:
    -joining sessions of the other works most of the time
    -twice we were able to start the session but are then stuck in our cars and "Waiting for players" endlessly
    -once we were able to race, no clue why, never were able to achieve it again

    Other important stuff:
    -when we're both in the lobby we won't see if the other player "readied" up
    -if the host starts the game sometimes both see the timer go down from 30 to 0 but ONLY the host will start loading and end up in his seat. he is then stuck there with the screen saying "Waiting for players" while the other player is still in the lobby. seems like the person which isn't hosting isn't getting notified to start loading!

    We're trying to fix this for 3 days now and have no clue what else to do...

    looking forward to your suggestions

    edit: it's pretty much the same problem as stated here:

    however the given hint doesn't work..