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Hey guys,
since over 2 years I wanted to create a little guide for the Nordschleife but could never be bothered to actually do it. Now I copy+pasted all my posts I wrote about this track and finally created two videos about this awesome track.

Here we go :)

Changelog, so you know if there's something new:
- 16th May, 2019: changed "patterns" in the 2nd post to the 11 categories, corrected a few corner descriptions

The Nordschleife has so many corners that you can't really remember all of them just like that. You need to build bridges and strings in your memory so you can browse your memory like a workbook.
Sector -> section -> corner combination -> hints about how to take this corner right now

It's like remembering a good story. You remember the basic, complete story and the more you dive into the story, the more details you remember. One leads to the other etc.

Overall this track is mainly:
Staying at the inside, some oversteer at the exit, a few repetitive flows, a few fast long bends where you need to keep the weight shift under control and a few times remembering to brake late or early to not crash.

Basics about this track:
I thought a lot about how exactly I am remembering this track and I came down to the following:
  1. It has a lot of very similar corners
  2. It comes down to be 11 categories of corners
  3. There are quite a few "repetitions" that are only slightly different
  4. Once you've learnt 1-2 corners of each category, you'll get quick
  5. Then you need to attach strings to remember the combinations and repetitions

The Categories:
Some corners would fit in multiple categories. I chose the ones that pop into
my mind first.
  1. High Speed Bends
  2. Right Side Kerb
  3. High Speed Bumps
  4. 90° Oversteery Right
  5. Tight Lefts
  6. The 2 Left Kinks
  7. Left/Right Under Braking
  8. The Karussells
  9. Sector 3: Twisty Part
  10. Stefan Bellof S (double S)
  11. Special Corners: Mutkurve, Eiskurve, Schwalbenschwanz

The Sections with basic hints. Print this and look at it while practicing:

Sector 1:

- Hatzenbach

  • Difficult Tight Left
  • High Speed Bend
  • Left Right Under Braking
  • Right Side Kerb #1
  • Right Side Kerb #2
- Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz, Hairpin (1st Full Throttle Part)
  • High Speed Bend (Flugplatz)
  • High Speed Bump (Schwedenkreuz)
  • 90° Right Hander (Aremberg)

- Fuchsröhre (2nd Full Throttle Part)

- Adenauer Forst
  • Left Right Under braking
  • Difficult Tight Left
  • 90° Right Hander

Sector 2:

- The Two Kinks and Tight Lefts

  • High Speed Bend, (double left, one gear down)
  • 1st Left Kink (braking)
  • 90° Right Hander

  • 2nd Left Kink (no braking)
  • High Speed Bend (3x right)
  • 1st Difficult Tight left (slow)

  • 90° Right Hander
  • 2nd Difficult Tight Left (wide)
  • 90° Right Hander
- little full throttle part (1st Full Throttle Part)
  • 90° Right Hander
- Big Full Throttle Part (2nd Full Throttle Part)
  • Mutkurve, (brake + bit of throttle, 1 gear down, back on throttle)
  • High Speed Bump

Sector 3:

- Karussell

  • 90° Right Hander, (brake at left kerb)
  • The Karussell, (dive in late, early on throttle)

- Before The Twisties
  • Left Right Under Braking, (no Kerbs!!, barely brake!)

- The Twisty Section:
  • 1st Right (3rd gear)
  • 2nd Right (4th gear)
  • Left+Right 1 (Kerbs!) (4th gear)
  • 3rd Right (3rd gear)
  • Left+Right 2 (no Kerbs!) (3rd gear)
  • 90° right Hander Brünnchen

  • Special: Eiskurve, (full over exit Kerb!)

- Pflanzgarten 1
  • High Speed Bend+Bump, (brake after jump, keep throttle through the turn!!! Risk of spinning!)
- Pflanzgarten 2
  • Double Chicane, (full throttle!)
  • Stefan Bellof S, (take left Kerbs!)
- Schwalbenschwanz
  • Schwalbenschwanz Entry (beware of the weight shift!)
  • 90° Left Hander (evil kerbs)
  • Kleines Karussell, (dive late, early throttle, oversteer!)

- Galgenkopf
  • Uphill Right, (tap Brakes, move to left side)
  • Downhill Right, (turn in on Hilltop, cambering gets you through)

- Döttinger Höhe

- Last Corners

  • Entry Bends, (keep half throttle)
  • Chicane, (Left Right Under Braking!) (bbbrrraaakkkeeee!!!)


Videos showing what I'm talking about:

First Video:
This shows a full lap. You will see the category for each corner. Watch this while looking at the written overview above. You will start to build strings and see patterns, I'm sure!

Second Video: This is cut so you'll see all corners of the same category to build strings and patterns in a different way. Watch this slowly and pause between categories. It's not meant to watch as a whole!
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My messed up additional thoughts and posts about how to learn this track:
Do you have project cars 1 or 2? If so, that's how I learnt the track back then:
Go into hotlap mode, select one of the three Nordschleife Sectors and select 3 ghosts that are 1,2,3 seconds quicker than you. For the beginning just pick P10, P50 and P100 or something.

Then you follow the quicker cars through the sectors. Do one sector until you learnt it.
Then you select the next sector and do the same.
When you know all 3 sectors you try the whole lap :)

1. Some general thoughts:

One part of this "strings attaching + building bridges" to memorize the track are the categories. So I go like "first kerb on the right. *100m later* and second kerb on the right".
Then later "this is the first left kink, and now a 90° right hander, oversteer at the exit, and the second kink. Now comes a long bend with difficult throttle/brake control and then into the first tight left. Up into another 90° right hander, aaaand the next tight left.".

It's mostly that I remember it in 2-3 repetitions.
Like "the 90° right hander after the first kink is a lot tighter than the one after the second kink".
Or "the first tight left is tighter and slower than the second tight left".

A good example is the sector 3 twisty section where its 2 times downhill left + right. The first is fully over the kerbs, the second absolutely no kerbs, apart from the last exit. Also the first left+right is in 4th gear while the second left+right is in 3rd gear.

Anyway, the more ways you find to look at the same things in a different way, the stronger the net of memories becomes. This is important as building such a net of memory strings is always tedious but you can either be efficient while doing it (finding different ways to look at the same thing) or in-efficient (just repeating one way to look at it)!

I found that I only needed to create such a memory-net for the Nordschleife yet. Most other tracks can be remembered by just driving around. But of course other tracks also have better separated sectors.
Like monza... Chicane, chicane, 2x lesmo, chicane, parabolica :p the Nordschleife seems to be an endless combination of strange corners. It's the only track where I have sheets with notes for :cautious:

2. A basic, written, corner by corner guide: Categories = C1 etc.

- T1 (C5, tight left):
Very sharp, very slow, stay on the brakes until you clip the inside kerb and then go for a good exit

- T2 (C1, high speed bend):
4th gear, 50% throttle right hander. Turn in a bit too early and take the outside kerb to the limit

- T3+4 (C7, left/right under braking):
Brake on the straight, lift brakes, do the left hander. Full brake again, lift brakes, do the right hander.

- T5+6 (C2, right side kerb):
First 'pattern' starts: left, brake, right inside kerb carefully, full throttle left. Brake, right inside kerb carefully, full throttle left.

----- Hatzenbach completed -----

- Flugplatz (C1, high speed bend) double right hander:
Slowly and carefully lift your throttle to bring a bit weight to the front. Turn in slowly and carefully to not overuse the fronts. The moment you start to turn, back on throttle!

- Schwedenkreuz (C3, high speed bump) left hand with bump:
Slooowly lift the throttle and turn in way too early. The car will move a lot to the right over the bump! When the bump comes open the steering and go slightly back on throttle to give some weight to the rear without risking a drift!

- Aremberg: (C4, 90° right hander):
Brake when the tarmac patch colour changes! Stay in 3rd gear and try to "roll" until the apex. Don't try to go the ideal line from the outside. Just clip the inside kerb and go early back on throttle without touching the outside kerb!

- Fuchsröhre: just go as straight as possible

- Adenauer Forst, end of Sector 1 (C7, C5, C4):
You fly up the hill with 270 km/h. Start to brake in the middle of the uphill straight!
Lift the brakes before turning in or you'll wipe out! (left/right under braking)
Aim for the inside kerb, take it fully. The moment you have all 4 tyres stable again, BRAKE!!
2 gears down to 3rd, lift the brakes, roll through the right hander on the very inside.
Go back on throttle and let the car move to the left. Aim for the trees. For real, aim for the trees lol.
When you see the left hander coming close, brake in a straight line and brake into the trees. (difficult tight left)
Brake, brake, brake, then turn in while still braking and just trust the car.
Keep turning and bring the car around the left inside kerb so you'll end up on the very left for the following 90° right!
Lift the throttle, aim for a late apex for the right hander and as early on the throttle as possible! (90° right hander)

--- End of Sector 1---

- Metzgesfeld: double left hander, very fast (C1, high speed bend).
Important to not have too much weight shifting!
Brake a little, down 1 gear to 4th. Lift the brakes and go around on the very inside, use the cambered track and roll through it with 70% throttle! (similar to Flugplatz)

Then once the car is straight again, brake for the left hander (C6, left kink 1). It's important to not hit the inside kerb here but also to stay on the very inside! Trailbrake to the apex until the oversteer hits you. Go back on throttle and go uphill in a straight line, trusting the exit!

- Kallenhard (C4, 90° right hander):
Similar to Aremberg and mirrored version of the left kink before.
Brake very very early, down to 2nd gear! Stay at the inside, use the cambered track! Be careful for oversteer and the kerb at the exit!

- Spiegelkurve (C6, left kink 2):
Repetition of Metzgesfeld but this time without braking. Swing the car around, go as tightly as you can for the inside!
Don't turn to the right too early, never hit the right kerb!
The exit has enough space on the left!

- 3 fach rechts, triple right hand (C1, high speed bend):
Repetition of the double left hander into Metzgesfeld. Brake a little, then go back to about 50% throttle and carefully try to roll as fast as it gets through all 3 right handers.
Back on throttle until you see the right hander coming close. Brake a bit later than you want to!

- Wehrseifen (C5, 1st tight left):
After you tapped the brakes later than you would've liked to, give a push to the throttle to gain to get a bit of speed. Then once the mini straight comes, BRAAAAAKKKKEEEEEE!
Extremely tight left hairpin. 2nd gear or even 1st).
Brake and brake and brake and try to get a bit to the middle of the track. Aim for a late apex of the left hander and back on throttle.
This corner reminds me of the left hander of Adenauer Forst where you aim for the trees.

Last corner is a C4, 90° right hander, similar to Kallenhard. Early on the throttle, stay at the inside but there will be some oversteer happening at the exit!

- Breidscheid (C5, 2nd tight left):
Similar to Wehrseifen. Mini straight and into a very tight double apex left hander. Brake earlier than you want to!!!!
Brake, brake and brake.
Understeer to the inside and pray you're not hitting the outside kerb+wall but also hope you're fast enough to not lose a full second...

- Ex Mühle (C4, Another 90° right hander, yay!):
Stay at the inside, early on throttle, oversteer will happen at the exit!

- Little full throttle part

- Bergwerk (90° right hander):
Brake about at the middle of the straight after the slight left kink. Stay at the inside, early on throttle, oversteer will happen at the exit!


Stay in 5th gear and mash that f*cker into the rev limit! If you really hit the rev limit raise the gear ratio of 5th gear :)
It's left left left, right right. A slight left again and you'll see a real bend to the left.

- Mutkurve (C11, specials):
No pattern here, only praying! You brake as late as possible, only a tab while actually keeping the foot on the throttle! You shift down to 4th and hope it will get in and then you lift the left foot, put the pedal to the metal right at the left hand kerb and hammer through that corner.
Goal is 220 km/h but everything above 200 km/h is balls to the walls so... yeah!

- Klostertal (C3, high speed bump):
Following right hander after Mutkurve: lift to about 70% of throttle, turn in, put the foot down again. (similar to Schwedenkreuz)

- Steilstrecke (C4, 90° right hander):
You aim for the left hand kerb that sticks out a bit. Brake when you pass this little part that sticks out. Brake while keeping the car at the very left side.
Hold the brakes! The car will automatically move to the right hand though, aim for the inside again!
Half and carefully on the throttle, drift the car through this strange right hander.
Oversteer will happen!

---- somewhere around here Sector 2 ends!---

- Karussell (C8):
Right before you see it there's a sticking out kerb at the right like there is for Steilstrecke. Hammer down the brakes right before passing this part of the kerb!
You'll see the car moving to the middle of the road and the concrete inside starting on your left. Wait a little before turning in and jumping into it. You lift the brakes but don't push the throttle. Roll with about 10% throttle into the concrete cambered part!
Hold the steering wheel at about 90° and try to not hit the inside while not getting spit out!
Play with the throttle to keep the line. Turning won't help much here...
Then when you see the tiniest bit of straightening up again, PUSH DOWN THE THROTTLE!!!
You won't be able to hold the car inside of the concrete but you won't need to. You'll get spit out right to the next apex!

- Uphill double left (C7, left/right under braking):
Not a real pattern here, just clip the 4th gear and turn in to the second left hander similar to Spiegelkurve! Down to 3rd gear and don't hit any kerbs. Just run through this in the middle of the road!

- Hohe Acht (C9, Sector 3: Twisty Part):
You fly uphill in 3rd gear. Brake and turn in way too slowly! You'll hit the inside kerb if you turn in normally. Like I did in my video!
Roll through it, don't hit a kerb!

Now a repetition starts. I'll write up the whole repetition part now so you'll see it when watching: Numbers are the gears!

3rd right, 4th right, 4th left+right (C2, clip the kerbs!).
3rd right, 4th straight, 3rd left+right (NO kerbs!).
3rd right.

You have 2x a right hander following a downhill left+right combination. First time is fast, second time is slow. It also reminds me of the Hatzenbach repetition!

Then Eiskurve (C11, specials):
Brake a bit early, keep it to the inside and again, aim for the trees!
Once you see the exit in the middle of your windscreen you just put your foot down and open the steering wheel. You'll mash over the right hand kerb and "cut the exit".
Mostly the car will oversteer on the throttle at the apex so you'll just open the steering to counter the drift and the car will move across the exit kerb.

- Pflanzgarten 1 (C1, high speed bend + C3, high speed bump):
Full throttle downhill, brake right after the jump but go back to a little bit of throttle to catch the rear! Double right hander, reminding me of Flugplatz and Metzgesfeld.
Full throttle in 4th gear from there.
It's very important for the next blind little left turn to instantly turn in to the left the moment the car starts to move to the right after being on the edge for the double right hander and moving to the left.

- Pflanzgarten 2 (C3, high speed bump):
Another left handed downhill jump, similar to Schwedenkreuz and the one after Mutkurve!
The car will make a major move to the right over the jump.
This time you don't brake, just keep the throttle pinned!
Turn in early, like for the other high speed bumps.
Now similar to "Eiskurve" you do the right hander, open up the steering and hit the left kerb while going straight.
Then the Stefan Bellof S (C1/10, high speed bends) appears:
It's a direct repetition in itself. Right hander, open steering, go over the left kerb. Right hander, open steering, over the left kerb.
You don't really drive an S curve there, you just turn a few times to the right and let the car go straight through the left turns!

- Schwalbenschwanz (C11, C4):
Entry: This is a very complex corner (C11, specials)...
The first right hander is similar to Metzgesfeld and 3 fach rechts. You brake, lift a little and try to keep the grip on all 4 wheels without major weight shifting. Keep a bit of trailbraking and throttle together to make it quickly through this right hander.
You'll have to brake a bit earlier than you'd think while staying in the middle of the road!

C4, 90° left hander: You approach it from the middle or the right, brake a little but not too much or you'll lose the rear! Aim for the inside but rather for the middle really.. Difficult corner! I hit the inside in the video...
Big fat scary kerb on the exit. I take it but you really shouldn't... If you crash here you'll lose a lot of time!
This corner is a massive mix of understeer and oversteer. Just try to steer through it, a bit slower rather than too fast!

- Kleines Karussell:
Similar to the big one, you go into it a bit later than you'd think and accelerate a lot earlier than you'd want to!
Approach it from the middle of the road, brake, stay in 3rd and roll through it. When it catches you, go for the throttle and let it spit you out!

- Galgenkopf (double C1, high speed bends):
Very very difficult corner. Lot of time to be gained or lost here!
You approach it from 4th gear, middle of the road. Brake a little but not too much. Just a love tap!
Keep it to the inside but DO NOT HIT THE INSIDE KERB!
And full throttle from here!!
Now for the last right hander you come from uphill.
Keep it to the veeeeerryyyy left right at the hilltop.
Once it starts to go downhill TURN IN!!!!!! But: wait a little, lol!
No for real, you'll see it going downhill while being at the hilltop and you start to turn in a liiiitttle bit. Then you'll see the the kerb starting at the right inside. The moment you even see a pixel of this TURN IN!
The problem: if you turn in when you actually see the kerb, it's too late. If you turn in a little bit too early you'll have to correct it.
You'll just miss the inside kerb due to understeer when it really goes downhill. Keep it at the front end grip limit, stay at the inside and keep the right foot planted!
You'll think you won't make it and would crash to the left outside at the exit but.. You don't :)
Once you are past the apex open the steering and off you go to the long straight!

- Tiergarten (almost done!), (C7, left/right under braking + C2, right side kerb):
It's balls, balls and balls. After the left kink, lift the throttle and roll through the left/right! (8:14 in the vid).
Down to 4th, shoot past the inside armco and pray. Lift the brakes to not cause oversteering at the apex and BRAKE AGAIN!!!!!
Down to 2nd, go slightly across the right inside kerb and hammer down the throttle!
Try not to hit the outside barrier when entering the GP circuit.
The kerb on the right side is a bit like the kerbs at Hatzenbach and the first repetition in the twisty section of sector 3.

---- Lap done----

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3. A look into my personal mind while driving this track:

- T1: tight tight tight, early braking, early throttle
- T2: throttle, 4th, concentrate on entry steering
- T3+4: brake, steer, brake, steer
- Left, Right kerb, left. Brake, right kerb, left

Flugplatz double right:
- slooooowly lifting, sloooowly turn in, throttle throttle throttle

---whatever, throttle---

- slight lift, early turn in, carefully back on throttle for stabilizing!

- Tarmac colour!
- brake brake brake, INSIDE, 3rd, throttle!

Fuchsröhre: whatever, bump, bump

Adenauer Forst:
- uphill, oh ****. Tap brakes, turn in, throttle, brake, 3rd.
- trees trees trees, brake and turn blindly for late apex
- not that fecking inside kerb again!

- a biiiiiiit slowing down, double left, beware of the outside!
- oh **** this left hander... Down to 2nd and nail the cambering!

- brake eeeeaaaarrrly, do not shift into 4th!
- inside inside inside

- full throttle... oh crap... turn in early and fly through the cambering!

3 fach rechts:
- caaaarreeefuuulllyyyyyy

- first slow left repetition!
- brake, straight, brake, 2nd
- laaaaate apex

- second slow left
- brake early... brake early...
- laaaate apex

Ex Mühle:
- oh crap the 90° oversteery right hander nr. xy

- wait, this is not the full throttle part!
- brrrrrrrrrrake!
- another oversteery right hander, yay

- Now this is the full throttle part!
- ....don't shift into 6th!....

- brake, 4th, throttle, pray

- full throttle! naaah, a slight lift

- standing out kerb on the left... standing out kerb on the left...
- keep it to the right..... aaand drifting time!

- standing out kerb on the right...
- braaaaake
- wait
- now into that bloody thing!
- stay in... stay in... stay in...
- enough, full throttle!! (oh please not too early)

Double left hander:
- 4th.. 4th....
- do not hit the inside kerbs and brake when it's stable down to 3rd!

Hohe Acht:
- crap I'm gonna die!
- wohoo, didn't crash
- alright, downhill, 3rd, repetition starts!

Right hander in 4th:
- stay on the throttle.. I'm gonna die.. stay on the damn throttle!

Wippermann, left hander:
- stay in 4th, keep the momentum, hit all the kerbs!
Right hander:
- OVER THE KERB! Better lift to not spin...

- alright, next slow right hander, 3rd gear!
- I'm gonna die... yes, there's the exit kerb for me!

- slow repetition! 3rd gear, keep the momentum!
- left left left left left
- no kerbs this time!

- stay in 3rd.. oversteery exit.. keep momentum!

- 90° left, trust the exit kerb. Just go straight lol
- made it

Pflanzgarten 1:
- brake!, slooowly lift the brakes, a bit of throttle to keep the rear down!
- hooolllyyy fffffff****** THROTTTTLLLEEE

Until the right hander:
- throttle, throttle, throttle. Steer right, hit the kerb on the left, steer right, hit the kerb on the left!

- bbbrrraaaakkeee, BUT NOT TOO MUCH!
- steer carefully.. not lose the rear.. not be too fast...
left hander:
- caarreeefffuully brake and go around. Do not touch the kerbs!
- feck, hit both kerbs...

Kleines Karussell:
- stick to 3rd!
- brake a little, dive in lately!

- little touch on the brakes, keep the speed. Oh feck this is too fast...!
- made it!
- To the leeeeeeft, hilltop.. wait, wait, wait!
- don't turn in too quickly!
- the right kerb comes.... I'll just turn in already, oh there it is, yeehaa!

Exit of Galgenkopf:
- keep the steering.. understeer... feck... I'm gonna crash...
*cambering pulling you at the exit*
- I'm alive!

Döttinger Höhe into the last chicane:
- do not brake.. do not brake...
- automatically lift for the scary right hander!
- bbbrrrraaaakkkkeeeee
- lift and hit the left armco!
*oh feck that was close*
- bbbrrrraaakkkeeee
- 2nd, inside kerb, full throttle. Please don't spin!
- oops, the outside armco came close
- Finish!
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Thank you. Great job

Oh ... and...
do not brake.. do not brake...
- automatically lift for the scary right hander!
- bbbrrrraaaakkkkeeeee
- lift and hit the left armco!
*oh feck that was close*
- bbbrrrraaakkkeeee
- 2nd, inside kerb, full throttle. Please don't spin!
- oops, the outside armco came close

It looks like you read my mind; I have precisely the same thoughts.... with maybe a bit more "oh feck"


Interesting post as usual Rasmus, very interesting for me comparing your car to my Nissan, there are numerous places were you are full chat and I “have” to
lift the accelerator in the Nissan.
So I can easily see were my time is disappearing.:)


Interesting post as usual Rasmus, very interesting for me comparing your car to my Nissan, there are numerous places were you are full chat and I “have” to
lift the accelerator in the Nissan.
So I can easily see were my time is disappearing.:)
Thanks :)
You're absolutely right, the cars are very different! With the mclaren I can do Flugplatz flat out with 240 km/h while I have to lift in a very specific way with the lambo and can't go quicker than 225 km/h mid corner.
But the lines and the basics how to approach each corner are very similar with all cars so I think this guide will work with all cars, to some extend.
The easiest car around this track is the BMW Z4 GT3 with a low rear wing and rest at default :)


I find the Z4 and Nissan similar , ( if you ignore
the bulk of the Nissan ) but the Nissan
for me needs to be setup much more forgiving.
Even so it is still a handful around the twisty bits
here. ( never driven the Lambo here )
It’s like driving a bouncy castle around this
The Nissan for “me” likes smooth circuits were you can drive it hard into and out of single corners.

Where as the Z4 is just so much more nimble and at ease with this circuit.
I can make the Nissan quicker here, but keeping up the extra concentration required for 8 laps would prove a bridge too far for me. Especially with no real practice behind me.
The circuit is so difficult to get to the point were you become consistent enough to start saving a tenth
here tenth there on every bend.
I used to a couple of years ago spend all my time on this circuit, now all I see is my time ebbing away with each bend.
It’s difficult for me to put the effort in for a circuit that I may not visit for another 12 months.

I am loosing the will to live after the first warm up
lap, before I start to do a practice lap.:sleep:

So I will try and just enjoy this race and try and stop myself pushing. ( can’t see that happening ):rolleyes:

This is just my view, I am sure others will have a completely different take on it.

The Nissan does not like bumps.:mad:

But that said some have produced very quick times
in this car, although they do not belong to this planet ;)



that was an impressive lap Rasmus, not that far off WR pace, especially considering the
length of the circuit.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
look forward to seeing how all the fast guys go in the race Monday.:)


Thanks for the compliment! :inlove::inlove:

I find the Z4 to be the most forgiving car around here, not really the quickest for myself but definitely the easiest!
The Nissan is very bulky indeed and a bit understeery for me. Too stiff chassis etc. I don't really enjoy driving it around this track.
The Lambo is very unforgiving but has a good chassis in terms of aero and a massive top speed!
But it's also very heavy and I needed a lot of time to get it around the corners like I do now. It was just impossible for me in the beginning.
Actually what got me increasing my driving skill for this car was racing in rF2 with the endurance and gt3 packs, comparing telemetry with Mr. Alien-Caruso @BhZ .
After I became a lot faster there, I could magically handle the Lambo in AC too!

The fastest car overall around the Nordschleife imo is the Audi though. I tried to get comfy with that car but just couldn't. It always snapped on me at some point! But The speeds... wow!
230+ km/h through Mutkurve and still reaching 297 km/h on the Dottinger Hohe!
These are speeds the lambo or the mclaren can only dream of. But it all doesn't mean anything if you crash the car once a lap, lol :D
Last edited:


9 is standard, I am running 6, I will try 3, that's really the lowest I can go with out too
much aero bias to the front of the car. ( that gives me 50:50 aero )
***** that is were i measured the max speed.!:)


9 is standard, I am running 6, I will try 3, that's really the lowest I can go with out too
much aero bias to the front of the car. ( that gives me 50:50 aero )
***** that is were i measured the max speed.!:)
It seems at some point you should try a different car hehe.
I always read about the Nissan being a handful, a boat, not fast enough etc.
I admire you for sticking with it though. It's really your personal car! :)


just had a go in the Audi, apart from nowhere near the braking ability of the NIssan, seems almost too
easy to drive it. :)
The Audi is bloody freaking fast around this track! Not so awesome on the brakes but cornering and acceleration... Damn!
Sadly it always snaps in me.. In all sims btw.
I hate and love this car, but will probably never race it :laugh:


You also told me something in this conversation, just got the fact that most of the faster drivers
are obviously taking the last bend before the long straight much quicker than i can in the Nissan.
i shall, if i get time have a look at that; as said before, it’s a pity we cannot drive parts of this circuit.
May we we can.?? just to repeat myself, i don’t fancy doing a whole lap just to finesse one part of it.


You also told me something in this conversation, just got the fact that most of the faster drivers
are obviously taking the last bend before the long straight much quicker than i can in the Nissan.
i shall, if i get time have a look at that; as said before, it’s a pity we cannot drive parts of this circuit.
May we we can.?? just to repeat myself, i don’t fancy doing a whole lap just to finesse one part of it.
On online servers you'll get reset to pits if you drive against the direction but in offline practice, afaik, there is no such penalty.
The shortest way to get to practice the last corner would be to load the tourist layout and drive backwards out of the parking lot. :D

I'm gonna try to do some laps with the Nissan in the next weeks. Not before this race tomorrow but I should get it done in the near future.
Let's see what I can squeeze out of that beast :)
9 is standard, I am running 6, I will try 3, that's really the lowest I can go with out too
much aero bias to the front of the car. ( that gives me 50:50 aero )
***** that is were i measured the max speed.!:)
No, dont try anything below 5. The Nissans maxSpeed is awful. As soon as you get over 270 kph youre just losing but anything below that the Nissans nickname "Godzilla" really fits. Fastest is still the AMG due to its great aero efficency reaching 304 kph at the end of the Döttinger Höhe


i quite often run it at rear wing at 3, this still gives an aero balance bias to the rear.
i can run with no wing at this circuit but once you get below 3 it starts to be counter productive
here and at most circuits.
i tried it on this circuit out of interest at 1, managed 296km/hr.
Still had no problems with the wing at 1.;)
could be i am just so slow.:(