Next Fridays [02.05.] Update speculation thread

No speculation thread. Whats up here?

My speculation is, we might get some sort of MP. Would be bad for me, because I am at a real racetrack that Weekend and can not try that out.

And on top of that, I think we get more damage.

PS: is there a lotus left, we might get? :D
After so many atempts on been positive over the MP release,this time it really looks like they have no will be v0.9 for sure and bugs needs to be sorted out before final version...but hold on,i won`t bet yet...we might get MP in the 0.9.5
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Kacper Kolodziejczyk

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I'll be happy with whatever they bring. I'd take just proper damage model and maybe a car or two. I'd absolutely love to see MP but even that would keep me happy. Of course I'd love the 98T to be the car or the 2-11 GT4 , but wouldn't complain if it was something else (perhaps the SLS, but I'd say that's highly doubtful before 1.0 and I'd guess it will be given to us on release of 1.0 to be exact).

My guess though for what will probably be added is the final one of the Evoras, the SR if damage was to be implemented, just to get us testing the damage rather than driving a fun new car for ages. :)
Its got to be multiplayer soon as they will need to iron out any bugs :rolleyes:
Also gives us a chance to feed back on issues :rolleyes:
997 gt3 also needs to be added for green hell :thumbsup:
mmmmmm green hell ;)
I am very scared about MP. Remember it was the only thing that really sucked in NKP? And they release it at the END of beta? That's... scary. I hope they are not just trying to hide it because it is bad.

Anyway, really loving the game so far.


Lotus 98T, Multiplayer, Modding Menu, More Tracks, Ferrari LaFerrari! Brin' it on Kunos!
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I'm hoping for 5 new cars, five new tracks, career mode, multi, a free G27 wheel, full damage, pit stops, sparks and rain. Anything more would be a bonus :laugh:

But predict a delay for anything due to Easter holidays:D
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In competition with ISI, I fully expect Kunos to release a hovercraft for us to use. ;)

EDIT: Also I hope they'll bring out a fix for the turn 1 invisible wall at Vallunga. I want to race around there in some of the low powered cars but I don't want to risk hitting that invisible wall and getting annoyed. :/
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