New European Truck Simulator 2 Previews of Upcoming Content

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    European Truck Sim 2 Scania Preview 1.jpg
    SCS Software have revealed some new work in progress images from the upcoming Scania S 4x2 High Cab truck, the first in a number of new truck content coming to European Truck Simulator 2.

    Despite SCS Software developing both European Truck Sim 2 and the more recent American Truck Simulator simultaneously, that doesn't mean new content isn't being worked on for ETS 2. With work already well advanced on the New Mexico ATS DLC as shown in our preview article here, SCS are hard at work making the most of some new licence agreements with Scania, one of the largest truck manufacturers in Europe and a pivotal brand in the world of long and short distance haulage.

    Fans will no doubt already be aware that a licence to develop the new range of Scania machines was signed off some time ago, and now the studio have made the rare move of showing some work in progress images from the current build progress of the S 4x2 High Cab variant of the latest Scania range.

    "this model is in a development phase when it can already be presented in the game environment to review and assess the implementation of its characteristic features. First look at the details of the cab interior is also possible now. Keep in mind that the presented model is incomplete and subject to further tweaks "say SCS Software as part of the release blog post.

    Usually SCS keep a close guard on new content news and images, however on this occasion due to the high levels of anticipation from fans of the game SCS have revealed some early work in progress shots of the vehicles in game. As stated in the release post, the vehicles still have some way to go before a full release can be made public, however the attention to detail already obvious from these attached screens will go a long way to offering confidence to players that the quality level afforded the new Scania S and R models should put these new trucks right up at the top level of quality in game.

    Unfortunately no release date has been set for the public launch of the Scania S and R, however stay tuned to RaceDepartment for more news as and when it becomes available...

    European Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator are available to purchase on the Steam platform right now.

    European Truck Sim 2 Scania Preview 2.jpg European Truck Sim 2 Scania Cab Preview 1.jpg European Truck Sim 2 Scania Cab Preview 2.jpg

    Like big riggin'? Check out the European Truck Simulator 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment to discuss the game with your fellow truck driving fans. If European roads aren't your thing, you could always pop on over to the American Truck Sim sub forum and get your fill of driving in the good old U S of A!

    Are you looking forward to some new official vehicle content in ETS2? Which trucks not already featured would you like to see added next? Let us know in the comments section below!
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    I would like to have AMS Ftrucks physics in the game:cool:
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    That would be very good indeed...absolutely agree