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Modding Requests Thread

Just downloaded the Williams Martini Racing FW36 by TheJlfan, great job! And the Bottas Helmet mod by Slave. So therefore I am missing the following:

Request: Williams Martini Racing pit crew suits.

I do think I might have seen them made for either the 2013 or 2014 version of this F1 game.
Request: the Williams Martini Racing FW36 for the pause menu.
Note: Just wondering if this is at all possible, since it kinda looks to be a singular screenshot rather than a rendering/3d model.
I ask this because I still have the templates of the following cars : Mclaren mp4 18 , Renault r23, Ferrari F2003-GA, and two fictional Coca Cola Mclaren Mercedes car , so is there anyone who would like to have these cars in this game ? The reason is cause I'm currently doing a cleanup on my pc and I found these files but I wouldn't like them to go in vain cause I put several hours into them already and it would be such a waste even though there was a WIP 2003 season mod ongoing with a few mates and myself.
All they need is the specocc and they are done.
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Hi everyone, I haven't the time to read all the pages of the thread, so sorry me if my request is already made :unsure:.
I would request the Gilles Villeneuve helmet for F1 2012.
Thanks to everyone! :D
Can someone make 2009, or 2014 or 2015 GP2 skins and helmets? If yes I can change easily the mod in order to get other GP2 seasons :thumbsup: Advice: use the same 3D model for each car, the best is HRT model for GP2!


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Hey, Has anyone got Ryders Language editor? If so can you please upload it as I desperately need it for a project!!! :(

Edit:: I fount his new website *Phew
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How to increase the Caterham Marussia HRT Toro Rosso speeds like mclaren mercedes ferrari etc..if i have edit in the databse what things should i change? Thnx in adv..