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Mixed @ Le Mans 77 - Thursday 16th April 2009

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Jan 18, 2009
Was watching your aerobatics Matt:) Very impressive. My 906 ended up in fire. After some pretty poor driving. But had lots of fun! What a perfect car for this track! here's Amir exiting pits and Neil's 906


Steven Palmer

Sep 15, 2008

I won :peace::first:

Mainly because everyone quit out/crashed/ran out of fuel :laugh2: I myself had to pit 3 times because I didn't get any fuel in,even thou I increased the menu fuel level:rotfl: twice.

Anyway a win's a win.

We must do this again sometime soon. Lovely track and I was just getting to like my 911:laugh2:

Eck Simpson

Feb 27, 2008
Grats to Steven, a well deserved win.

Didn't the rest of us do well... lol.

Out of fuel within sight of the start straight, rolled right to the second Ford chicane... I was at the end of lap 15 of 16...
Oh, and by the way... I'd done a pitstop (obviously didn't put anymore fuel in), I was more worried, with the impending need to get rid of beer... lol.

Was great while it lasted, I'd had the lead n given it away... crashed n spun... lol.
The scariest moment, came while braking for the Porsche Curves. I was involved in a very close battle, with a 906 and a GT40. The GT40 (sorry, no clue who was driving) was up the inside and braked late, it started out toward the run off... across my bows. The incident didn't affect me much, but I did get a bit of a fright... lol.

Thanks Stuart and RD, another great event.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
Question for the racers last night - what did you think of the in-game time of day for that race?

Effects OK? Not too dark and getting lighter? Would you prefer it to start lighter and finish darker?

Just a very quick reaction, please, so I can keep improving and tweaking the events.


Matt Crouch

The sun coming up round the later sections made it a bit challenging to see but I think that's a bonus for Le Mans, suits what they guy in the GT40 youtube vid above says ;)
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