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Mirror mirror on the wall, how can I set you AT ALL?!

In stock car, I've moved the cockpit seat almost all the way forward. FOV is at 45.
Now the virtual mirrors show the sky instead of behind me. So I've tried adjusting them with Alt, Ctrl and Shift. I also increased/decreased distance with ctrl+shift.

I've tried everything, but at no point can I see a normal image of behind me. What I see is always an extreme distortion to all kinds of angles. Like the car behind is moving from the left to the right of the mirror, like a fun-house mirror. Although in other camera modes they are OK, just in cockpit they are distorted.

Is there a way to RESET the mirrors? Is there a way to set them to work properly?
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FOV 46 Stockcar.JPG
Why would you move the seat further forward? At FOV 45, you should be able to see most of the regular mirrors and all the instruments on a single 16:9 display.
He's turned on virtual mirrors instead of using the cockpit mirrors. The cockpit mirrors are visible before moving the seat forward, so it seems pointless to me to move the seat forward (thus hiding the cockpit mirrors) and then turn on virtual mirrors.

I say this partly because my very foggy memory recalls that sometimes it is possible to move the seat too far forward for virtual mirrors to work properly.