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EU MCR 2000 @ Oulton Park - Sat 13 July 2019

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Craig Dunkley, Jul 8, 2019.

Added to Calendar: 13-07-19
  1. RobertR1


    That was really fun. My first shot at RF2 and I enjoyed it a lot.

    The car was enjoyable and with just tire pressures adjusted I felt comfortable enough. Then I just focused on my driving.

    Qualifying: A bit hetic but fun. I was having trouble with force feedback so had to sort some things out on the fly but got it sorted in the end.

    Race 1: Worked myself upto 4th with a couple of laps to go slowly inching closer to 3rd but ran out of gas. Turns out when i loaded my saved profile in between the FFB fix, I didn't go back and add another 2 laps worth of fuel. However I was faster than my Q pace consistently and was good.

    Race 2: Due to a grid random I was right at the back and spun in T1 to avoid collecting someone. Then I put my head down and caught upto 3rd and ran out of time. To be fair, catching and passing are two different things on this track so props to the 3rd place guy for driving clean and keeping it smooth. I was able to best my Q lap by .3 and was faster lap to lap than the 1st race.

    Overall the car, track, game and @Craig Dunkley hosting another great set of races. It was the best way to experience my first RF2 race. Looking forward to next ones.

    Things I need to work out:
    - FFB ripping the wheel out of my hands over curbs, big bumps and grass
    - Try to tune VR for better experience. It was not fun following cars closely due to massive frame rate spikes
    - Move the hud elements around. The message box is out of sight on the bottom left and the tire details are on bottom right
    - Random flickering on objects that's very distracting when driving

    edit: forgot to mention @Stephen Gibb for organizing.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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  2. Medilloni


    Huge thanks to @Stephen Gibb and @Craig Dunkley for tonight's race, and congrats to the podium guys:thumbsup:

    Oulton Park is amazing (wish it was in AC), do have a place in my heart for it though, and in particular, Druids; such a unique corner with elevation change, camber, vicious kerbs and double apexes:inlove: Herman Tilke should watch 'n weep:p:roflmao:

    Had about half an hour practice previous to tonight and loved it, but in the event I just struggled with the bloody awful UI (only imo!) and total lack of feedback for brakes... will work on that and hope to enjoy the next one more:)

    This!! Exit of Knickerbrook, two wheels off track and the car rolled nose over arse, had to let go of the wheel, the force was crazy:poop:
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