McLaren MP4-12C GT3 @ Spa-Francorchamps

Chris James

I need a hot race setup for Spa in the 12C GT3.

I'm a pretty decent racer, but can't set a car up for crap. The default setup feels fine to me, but I know I'd go faster if I knew how to set the car up. I usually don't use any aids, but in AC I use the default, or in-car TC and ABS, seeing as how they allegedly simulate what the cars really have. I use a 900° wheel. So if you race like that, please share your set. If your setup cuts time for me, I will give you half of all money I win racing Assetto Corsa here at RD. That's a promise.

It's a fine setup, i managed a 2:19:264 with that setup. I saw people doing low 2:18, guess i need some more training.

Edit: Got an 2:17.469 with the same setup =)
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This setup came up as invalid for me. I had to adjust the rear left height up one notch to have it validated. After doing a few laps, I adjusted it back and then it worked...

Anyways, the setup made the car so much easier to handle. Well done!


I'm also getting an "invalid setup" message. Actually,just for this car though. I downloaded 3 different car set ups for this car and each of them game me that error message. I tried a different car and downloaded its set up and worked fine. Why?


I did this to 1.9 Im very bad driver, then i dont know if its good setup:
(If someone test give me feedback)


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