Loss of FPS/stuttering: issue caused by sound enhancements service Nahimic


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Oct 16, 2018
Hello folks,

I recently suffered from some FPS loss (counter going from say, 160 to 170 and then back down to 160) and the CPU/GPU occupancy graphs in-game were showing this to happen every few seconds.
At times it would be so bad, I would lose not 10 FPS (which by the way, was still noticeable!) but 60 FPS!
It was making the game nearly unplayable, the cars/track jumping ever so slightly and hey, I was blaming that for my bad form recently ;-)
After pretty much ruling out monitor/cables/graphics connection/mods installed, etc... I brought the Task Manager in the foreground while playing the game.
And that's when I noticed, a process that was normally using 0% CPU, every so often and coincidentally when I had the stuttering, would be using 0.1% CPU...
But that indicated the process was waking up.
That Nhimic process is a sound enhancement driver, which is part of the Realtek audio driver distributed by ASUS for their motherboard sound cards.
I had to install it because Forza Horizon 4 does not work without sound enhancement drivers.
Since disabling the Nahimic service, my FPS are rock solid at all resolutions/graphic levels!
Luckily, by enabling the Windows Sonic enahncements, I can now play FH4 with sound!
I'll be keeping an eye on the FPS counter to see whether this Windows Sonic stuff is compatible with Assetto Corsa.