Looking for H Shifter.

Nearing completion of my sim rig setup. I have the Clubsport V3 pedals now and are after a H Shifter.

I was looking at the SHH Shifter or Frex GP. The price of the SHH looks great but have heard it is noisy, since I have neighbours to the side and below, noise will be an issue. Unless I can remedy that somehow?

Looking to spend preferably £300.
I can't say I've noticed excessive noise with my SHH, it is a gated H though so there will be some noise as you flick between them. For reference the magnetic paddle shifters on my wheel are much louder than the SHH
I just switched from Fanatec to Frex two days ago. The Frex is much louder, but also so, so much better feeling. I don't think the noise is loud enough to disturb neighbors. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to see it in action. One guy, R-VR Closet, bought the Frex specifically because he wanted something quieter than his Pro-Sim.

I won't ever worry about it failing either. I'd guess I've had my Frex sequential for almost 10 years with no issues.
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