Livestreaming isn't working

Ross Balfour

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Hey guys, recently I have noticed I can't watch any streaming of broadcasts on the internet since Thursday. I have no idea why as I haven't changed anything. I tried changing browsers but that didn't change anything. When I go to watch it it's just a white screen. I can however hear the commentators and cars but just no picture. Hope this can be solved, thanks in advance!

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Did you download any strange codecs for your media player? Not sure if thats possible but try a clean version of windows media player or Silverlight.

Ross Balfour

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Nope, actually haven't used WMP in about 2months, been using iTunes. Dunno if it just wants some revenge on me :D

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
I couldn't watch RDLMS live broadcast in FF which really sucked. It would only load in IE. never had a problem before so don't know why.

The psr intro just looped over and over without ever passing of to the live stream.
I can never watch live stream in FF, no idea why. Downloaded the plugins blah blah, but only ever works in IE also. Exact same problem as you Dave.

Marcel Hulsbergen

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Try this:

If you have Windoes 7 disable the mediaplayer, and reboot, then enable the mediaplayer and reboot again.

See screenshot.
are there any other players supported than windows media player? Cause i can't use that one :)

and yeah in firefox the stream won't open here either, just loops intro. It has always done that in FF.

Just found something. If you go to There u can choose external player( mediaplayer button ). I changed it when it asked to open mediaplayer to my regular player ( VLC player ) and it opened it slowly at first :p
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