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    sorry to raise again this issue I know there are many threads about it but I am a little dumm and I'd like to understand better.
    I am running original game in Carrer and I want to install mod "Reduced Tyre Wear" including only database , I do copy the original game in another folder in which installing the mod, and thus I can use the same profile I had in the original. Is'nt it?
    I hope I did make myself clear.
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    For one mod ..... just keep a copy of the original database.

    Browse to your install folder and into the Database folder. Right click on database.bin, select copy, then select paste. You will now have a new file called 'copy of database.bin'

    This is your backup file. Now Install your new modded database, overwriting the original one. That is it.

    If you ever verify you file through Steam, the original default database will be downloaded and installed automatically, removing your mod. A new Patch might replace the database too, depending on what the patch fixes.

    You cannot pay online with the new database.

    You profile is not effected.