F1 2013 Info on screen ? Understanding

F1 2013 The Game (Codemasters)
Hi, look, I'm probably an F 1 idiot, but gotta ask,

When driving, in top left screen is a few driver names, usually ahead and behind me,

Occasionally , a red icon appears with a number? What is that?

And is there anywhere that has a explanation manual,


Graham Laing

Retired Staff
I haven't played for a long while, but there are various things that can be displayed there. I am sure someone will correct me if my memory is wrong. :)

1/ Team-mate position

2/ Rival position - You get to pick a rival at a certain stage of your career, if you beat him over a number of races (last 7 of the season?), you can take his place in his team

3/ I think the red marker is your EXPECTED finishing position, your goal. You get told before a race what position you are expected to finish in, and this marker is a reminder of it.
The number flashing up red will be when you complete a sector, and will the show your time relative to the same sector last lap. Red means you are slower, grey means you are close to the same time (thinks its within 2 tenths) and green means you've gone quicker. This helps you see how consistently you are running, and it will also do the same when you complete a lap and show you your total loss or gain for the entire lap

I assume this is what you are referring to, as you say it appears occasionally. But if you already knew that and it wasn't what you meant, then maybe try a screenshot of it? So then we can definitely help
I think he's talking about the circles that come up under the driver names. See this screenshot. I'd like to know what they mean too. See the green "01".


Graham Laing

Retired Staff
I think that's saying that your are expected to be in position 1 (your target), and it's green because you ARE in position one.

(It's been a LONG time since I raced in this game, so I am not definite)