how to save tyres??

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  1. naim


    Can anyone share some tips on how to save tyres during a race for all distances?? Thanks a billion
  2. Frappeo


    The settings which is making the biggest difference is camber, positive will give you grip but destroy tyres.
    Then the wings (more wings gives you grip, slow down the car, which will be less slippery and avoid tyres consumption).
    Finally the anti-roll bars, stiffer makes it more accurate but also slippery which makes car acceleration deteriorating tyres easily.

    Find a good compromise with all of them and you should find a good setup. This year a lot depends on your driving style, if you are aggresssive won't help at all. Don' expect tyres to last 10 laps more, if you gain 3-4 laps you already found a good compromise.

    Hope this will help you.
  3. Mike Partington

    Mike Partington

    Drive slower, lift in long fast corners to prevent overheating your tyres. The car setup hardly does anything compared to how you drive. Of course driving slower isn't really recommended but if you have to eek another lap or 2 out then that is also what they do in real life to save tyres.
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  4. Dmitry Zaharov

    Dmitry Zaharov

    More wing will save your tires, especially in wet. Don't run 1/1 wings anywhere except Monza, Canada or Spa. Also be gentle on the throttle in 1st gear traction areas, don't spin them too much, longer first gear (2-3 clicks to the right) helps. Never had problems with tire wear in this game, usually can squeeze 1 less stop than engineer suggests in 50% races.
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