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How to drift on any track.


Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #85
Apr 9, 2014
Hi folks.

I have been playing AC for a while but when I goto drift mode it only shows a few tracks. Even some I have downloaded which say ideal fro drifting ect. are not showing up in the list.

Does any one know how I can make them show up??




P.S. I have searched all over google but all I seem to find is drifting tutorials not how to make any track show up.


Radu Oros

Jul 25, 2014
You can use the drift mode in all tracks, but you need to click on Tag, then click on ALL. Now all tracks will appear under this game mode, so when you enter the track everyone will had this feature that counts the drift points.
Because initially only the tracks tagged as "drift" will appear in the drift mode, but all tracks can be used, you just need to select the "all" tag.
But this won't work for Time Attack mode, only the tracks with this feature developed will be available for time attack, all the official ones are ready for it, but not all modded tracks. Because is about preparing the track for it, meanwhile in drift mode only what counts is the car doing drifts and also staying on the asphalt, without going off road or hitting the walls.

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