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  1. Daza


    Hi all. Hopefully you can help with one or two of these for a semi newbie. I say that as I used to have Race 07 although haven’t taken my desk for a drive in a few years but since buying SCE recently I’m now trying to re-learn a few tweaks plus expand my knowledge of what’s different.

    1. I'm trying to stop a mod from knocking doors off the car which the AI don't seem to care about and it looks a bit weird. I’m guessing it would be the damage file and increase a value dramatically which would probably come under the Part1 Part2 etc entries but is there a way to know which item Part1, 2, 3 etc refer to or is it just trial and error to find that out?

    2. Never went full 100 percent sim with Race 07 but I am this time so as you can probably guess, I can ruin a set of tyres in minutes. Any tips to take care of those little black round things appreciated but while I’m while I’m learning those skills I still want to have fun so want to alter my tyre wear and make them last a bit longer. In TireTBC’s I’m seeing “wear rate” which I’m guessing is the thing to tweak and values such as 2.40e-7 or 3e-7 but I’ll be honest and say I don’t understand what that value actually means, especially the e-7 part. If anyone can explain that to an idiot it would be much appreciated. Alternatively, in the Rules section in game I can set tires to normal, x2, etc but is there a crack to set if half or three quarters for instance which would achieve the same kind of thing I’m looking for.

    3. When I first bought SCE I set my AI to 100 and have since read this affects the MidAdjust value in the AIW. I’ve also seen lots of people saying how they race with 120 AI strength which I’ve since learnt affects the Best Adjust in the AIW.
    So… 100 with Mid Adjust tweaked up and 120 with Best Adjust tweaked down I could be wrong but I’m guessing you could fine tune the same lap time so the question is, am I missing out on anything by only having 100 AI Strength or is 120 just a massage your ego number when I’m using the AIW to set lap times for my AI

    4. Further to the AIW tweaking I’ve been fine tuning some good values although there are a couple of tracks I’ve come across where most of the lap is great but there is one corner I can take flat while the AI need to brake a little even though we seem to take a similar line. Is there a way to adjust anything to force them through a small section of track a bit faster.

    5. Regarding talent files I’ve been setting up a few fiends and family as my AI drivers which is all working fine. The mod had a sub folder inside the main Talent folder were I’ve put the files but if I then wanted to add the same people to another car series as well, do I need to copy those talent files into that associated sub folder also or will SCE find them anyway as long as they’re within the main Talent folder somewhere.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Barney68


    Watching with interest...:)

    With reagard to point 5, I think so long as the talent file itself is in the root Talent folder i.e. Talent/Talent File, any mod picks it up so long as the driver name matches. Hopefully one of the talent file guru's will confirm.
  3. xnorb


    I thought "Okay, great, let's help out a newbie" and then this thread is all about super in depth modding :D
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  4. Daza


    For Barney who said he was watching and anyone else who is silently too, I’ve been testing a few things.
    Unfortunately if you race with the default vehicles a lot of files are hidden so most of this will be useless to you but as my favourite two cars are mods I’ve got all the files to play with.

    1 Damage – In the Damage Configuration Settings file you’ll find entries saying Part 1, 2 etc. For each part you’ll find a line saying “Part1Detach=” followed by a number. Set one of these numbers to 1 and go to track. With an outside view go and drive into a pit wall and simply see what falls off, Part 1 was the bonnet in my case so now I know what that relates to. Next it’s a case of setting the Detach figure back to the original value and tweaking the Part2Detach to 1 and repeat the process until you’ve worked out what each part is.
    I’ve just started testing this but it looks like you don’t need to turn SCE off every time. Just go back to the main menu, tweak and save your file and reload a track again.
    So yes it is a bit time consuming but yes it can be done and once you know what all the parts are you can change them as you wish. The higher the Detach value you set the bigger the hit you need before it falls off.

    2 Tyres – Still don’t know what 240e-7 means but I feel that would be the easy fix if anyone did know although the silence so far leads me to believe I’m not the only one without any ideas. So until then, I’ve come up with a work around but it does require a bit of tweaking.
    Make a copy of your HDV and TBC files renaming them as you wish. (mine are now called Daz and DazTyres)
    In your VEH file is an entry “HDVehicle=” which you need to edit from whatever HDV file it’s now pointing at to your new file. So in my case it now says HDVehicle=Daz.hdv
    In the new Daz HDV file find a line saying “TireBrand=” and insert the name of your new TBC file. So in my case it now says TireBrand=DazTyres
    What you've just done is set up a set of tyres that will apply only to you so the AI will still operate exactly as they did before.
    Now for the tweaking and in your new TBC file find the lines WearGrip1 and WearGrip2. Note, there are two sets of these, one for rear tyres and one for front.
    What the list of numbers refer to is the amount of grip you have as the tyre wears so what I did was increase these numbers. Now this doesn’t stop the tyre wearing out and they will die and go to the big tyre wall in the sky as quick as they ever used to but as they do wear out you will have more grip and so it will feel like they are still in a healthy condition. The numbers I used were 0.995 0.990 0.985 etc subtracting 0.005 each time and this is probably a bit much and will require a bit more tweaking and testing before I get it dialled in to how I want it. Probably everyone will want a slightly different value too so you’ll just have to play around with it.
    As I said, it won’t feel like your tyres are wearing out so quick anymore but they will be so to test things I’ve just had one race with my usual settings of Fuel x2 and Tires Normal. I was driving like an idiot on purpose to try and ruin them and I just about got to needing fuel before the tyre did finally die so this work around is going to be ok for how I use SCE. If you use Tyres and Fuel both set to Normal (ie the same value) then the above might not work out too well for you but it's the best I can do for now.

    3 AI Strength – I tried this and with only one very quick test I tried 100 with MidAdjust tweaked up and 120 with BestAdjust tweaked down. It seems that yes you can tweak these values to produce something fairly similar and no I didn’t notice any other changes so my initial thoughts are that the AI Strength value in game is basically just pointing you at the Worst Mid or Best Adjust values in the AIW. My opinion is that the AIW is the best place to tweak your AI lap times so essentially the AI Strength value is unimportant and if you tweaked the AIW low enough you could race with AI Strength 120 and still have the computer controlled cars do laps you'd time with a calendar rather than a stopwatch.

    4 Tracks – Still not got a clue about this.

    5 Talent files – It seems Barney is correct so thanks for your input. I tested it by moving my working talent files to a different sub folder and SCE seems to have found them perfectly fine so I’m assuming as long as they are within the main Talent folder somewhere then everything will work ok.

    So that’s where I’m at and I thought I’d update you as it’s a pet hate of mine when people ask questions and then later in the thread post “problem solved” but don’t bother telling you how they solved it. Anything else I discover I’ll let you know and any comments on the original post or on this one are most welcome.
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  5. Troy Barman

    Troy Barman

    All i can say with point 4 is that the devs are the only ones that can really help with that as far as original content tracks go. If they are converted tracks then you can go about making a new .aiw file for them.
  6. Bjarne Hansen

    Bjarne Hansen

    Pick up a little driving skills and most of your issues might go away.:)
    Not trying to be an a$$ here but really that is the one strong point of GSC.
    Turn off all the driving aids since they do not help you drive only camouflage mistakes and FFB

    1) Ether reduce Ai aggression to LOW and/ or Turn off "Damage'
    You can also increase all the impact values in the damage.ini file!

    2) You would be better off adapting your driving style so you can keep the tires good.
    Keep the tire temperature 85 -90 C.
    Not sure about the wear. 'Wear rate' sounds right?
    Make the figure lower, if it is 0.240e-7. Try 0.240 -12 Or even 0.
    If it is 240-7 with out the 0. then that is your problem and a easy fix;)
    In rf1 and assume also in GSC there is also a hard coded wear rate so maybe if you make it 0 it will use default? Remember both front and rear!

    3) Some people are really fast drivers. I am not! :(
    I am always between 95 and 105 i AI strength and I want Mid adjust to be 100 or really close to 100.
    Reiza them self talk about the AI behave strange if you go real low or real high AI settings

    4) Find AIW cam editor for Rfactor.
    Some people are really good at improving the AI. Look at download tracks for updated Aiw files and see what is going on! Or PM the person that did the update for hints. (Believe Gringo is one of the experts on this forum)
  7. Daza


    As I mentioned in the original post I’m doing exactly that. However, while I’m learning I still want to be in a race rather than be the lonely guy at the back as the AI disappears into the distance, hence the reason for this thread. I want to tweak things to suit my skill now and know what they are so I can turn things up as I get better.

    Which would affect everything and not just the one thing in the damage file I want fix. No worries sorted now anyway, see my first reply (post 4)

    Just checking, do you understand what that number actually is (especially the “e”) or are you guessing the same as I am because I’m a bit confused by what you wrote.

    Don’t forget really funny behaviour too. Messing with TorqueStab I’ve created some truly glorious multi car pile ups which have been hilarious to watch in replays. I’d highly recommend that if you’re bored one day. :)

    I’ll check that out. Thanks.
  8. PicoBp

    #26 | HSRC - Banzaaaiii Touring Car Crew Premium

    Mathematics -> exponential ;)
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