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GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH part-1

Misc GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH part-1 15.5.0

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GTR233 submitted a new resource:

GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch - All-in-1 patch for GTR2

GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH v9.5 by GTR233 and friends

This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v17.01 (update your archiver if it tells you that archive is damaged)
Archive MD5 checksum = 20C9373F161749CFA5BBA2436C7077A8

Description :
This GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH represents 2 years of work and includes all the necessary MODS/PATCHES for GTR2 (no options here except language for French, German, Italian,...

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Thanks. Can you point me a few tips on flickering headlights? That's what bugs me at the moment with PnG and I need to fix.

Edit: think I fixed it. I chanced track draw distance to normal and also turned the headlight effect down. If you have a better fix without changing these settings that would be great.
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AFAIK flickering may be due to either videocard (random flickering objects...no real fix except buying another one lol) or clipplanes values : this is what you should consider but be aware that it will generate on line mismatches so do it only for off line mode !!!
Clipplanes are fixed in defviews/hq tracks available in hq mods/10th ann. Patch : you should not experience flickering headlights at night...but work only for hq versions, so you need to patch .trk files by yourself for any other tracks.
Open .trk file with notepad (I recommend notepad++), and search for line :
In most cases, increasing Y value such as 45000 may be enough to fix most flickering, but some 3rd party tracks require higher values such as 200000.
GTR233 Many many thx for this new release!

Today I have update this old but great game with last GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch v9.5 and my 3DOF dynamic station with SimTools GameEngine does not work anymore!

When I launch the game, in the SimTools Game Manager window the connection with GTR2 not change from green to blue, the movement does not happen and the dynamic platform 3DOF does not move...!
I have unistalled and reinstalled the GTR2_Plugin. and checked also if the Shared Memory option in <myname>.PLR is set to 1... everything seems fine but unfortunately there is no movement.

If I uninstall this GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch v9.5 everything returns to work regularly and dynamic movement is perfect.

For greater clarity, with the GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch v9.3 previous version, SimTools GameEngine work without any problem.

Someone could tell me how to solve this no motion dilemma?

As always, thanks to those who want to help me :thumbsup:


Hi, sorry for inconvenience :(
I have added race dll as my friend syhlif32 suggested it since v9.4 so I suppose it is related with your compatibility issue. Do you have a race07 plugin to test with ? Or simply remove dsetup.dll from v9.5 before overwriting your gtr2 install and tell me (you should restore original GTR2 dsetup.dll though).
I am working on v9.6 at the moment (small adjustments : update tires and new gloves/suits 2018) so I will fix your issue too in next release.
OK GTR233,
I tried your suggested solution: remove dsetup.dll from GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch v9.5 before installing the patch, leaving the original GTR2 dsetup.dll that is not overwritten, but equally, dynamic movement is not present :(

I did a further test: before installation I removed from the root directory of the v9.5 all the files that are not present in the previous 9.3 version...
The affected files are:
- binkw32.dll
- dsetup.dll
- mfc100.dll
- mss32.dll
- mssmp3.asi
- sudo.exe
Then I installed the patch and launched the game... in this case the dynamic movements are present again but now on the game screen, the various indicators, as well as the map of the route, are not present while driving and also the car tachometer is white :cry:

Reinserting the mentioned files the graphic accessories return available on video but the dynamic movement disappears again!

About instead race07 plugin, I have this for SimTools GameEngine too and when I play the SimBin "RACE 07"game all work fine with complete dinamic movements.

How do you suggest to remedy the problem?
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So it is not dsetup.dll... But certainly one of the others : for test purpose delete all .dll from 9.5 patch and redo test please

In fact it is quute simple : all files in gamedata are only skins so the problem does not come from here. I have no more 9.3 so can you compare files (especially dll) between 9.3/9.5 inside \GTR2\ directory only (where nocd patch is) please (I suspect mssxxx.dll now)


Yes interesting but it can't be all files at same time but only 1 or 2 cause the issue between :
- binkw32.dll (bink video player)
- dsetup.dll (you've just tested and it is not involved apparently)
- mfc100.dll (maybe this one)
- mss32.dll (maybe this one)
- mssmp3.asi (mp3 player)
- sudo.exe (this is just the nocd patch renamed as sudo to make steam counts time of play)

So delete the 3 xxx100.dll files and tell me...
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OK... same problem even canceling the 3 xxx100.dll files, and I tried to do this with each file at a time too, until I tried to run the v9.5 patch without the sudo.exe file and magically, dynamic movement is present in the game but in the game screen however, some graphical indicators are missing and also the car tachometer is white (while the map now is present).

A curiosity: I noticed however that the sudo.exe file of the v9.5 patch indicate 6.037 Kb while the original one before installing the patch indicate only 7 Kb...!?


Maybe your original sudo.exe is only a shortcut because original steam gtr2.exe is around 2Mo, so where is located your 2Mo sudo.exe ???
It's difficult for me as I don't own your hardware neither steam version of the game as I still use my original dvd.

And you told me that 9.3 works flawlessly with your hardware ?
So try to copy-paste 9.5 gamedata into 9.3 and tell me if it works again
OK... I made this attempt too but the same problem is always repeated!
Only by removing the sudo.exe file dynamic movement is present again but in the game screen however, some graphical indicators are missing and also the car tachometer is white :(

I really do not know what else to do...:cry:


Mmmh...if in car lcd is blank then it is a wrong config : did you set all EXE (GTR2.EXE, GTR2CONFIG.EXE, SUDO.EXE...) as WinXP compatible + Admins rights ? (if you have got a GTR2 folder in "mydocuments" then you have forgotten to set compatibility/Admin)
Relaunch GTR2CONFIG.exe and choose 32 bits resolution (1920*1080*32) and not 16 bits (1920*1080*16) : this is the main cause of blank lcd

If v9.3 works then use it at the moment (there is not a huge difference with 9.5)...till v9.6 which should be available in july...
With this mod i see it mentions revised exhaust flares. I do not see any exhaust flares at all, so is there an option somewhere to enable it, or does it only show in the dark (which i must say i have not tried)?...thanks


With this mod i see it mentions revised exhaust flares. I do not see any exhaust flares at all, so is there an option somewhere to enable it, or does it only show in the dark (which i must say i have not tried)?...thanks
I don't see what you mean by exhaust flares...
Mod includes :
- bigger backfire flames in red-blue
- improved lens flare effects when sun is low on horizon
- all HQ cars have got exhausts enabled : engage clutch and push accelerator to the floor to see exhaust effect (quite subtle though because modern cars are less polluttants than 60s/70s models)
I thought (from a Youtube vid) that flames came from the exhausts on down shifts (eg when braking for a corner). I may have got confused with Automobilista !!....thanks


Ok I see, so this is backfire. To see them in garage, do not engage gear (stay on N) and press accelerator foot-to-floor during 3s then release it quickly : repeat that twice or 3 times and you should see backfire when you release accelerator


Here is a wip of next v9.6 which should be available around july 30th...
On the one hand I have removed some Sparco flash L3 gloves...on the other hand I have added new Sparco tide h9 and Sparco Land classics. Moreover there will be a brand new Sparco Superspeed RS9 suit 2018 :)


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Hi GTR233...
I'm back in game tested so I wanted to know when you publish the new GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch 9.6 version.
I hope to be able to install it very soon and no longer have the problems encountered with the previous version 9.5 :thumbsup:


Hi, I need to finish hq sparco suits 2018 textures (gloves are done but still work on suits, especially pit crew), arthur needs time to remap shoes, and bjarne needs time to rework his shaders...in the end it should be released around the end of august or first week of september I think :)