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GTC76 Mod - Nissan Skylines @ Rouen / Nurburgring GP - Tue 6th Oct

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Stuart Thomson, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Steven Palmer

    Steven Palmer

    Look forward to seeing you at some more of the events Carlos :good:
  2. Gary Lennon

    Gary Lennon

    Managed to mistime doing qual as it changed session as i exited the final turn,start stone motherless last Lenno! :p,got a mighty launch and minimal wheelspin and took places down to T1 and from what i saw we all made it round clean and safe,good fun trying to put pressure on a resiliant Warren,it took a while and couple of attempts then on chasing down S.Palmer,i could close in some parts,then lose some at others,it needed a calmer approach and try not to overdrive the thing so much to keep on terms,when he spun her off exiting the hairpin my racing was over now in 2nd with the boy Simpson away up ahead in a different post code...and pulling more lap by lap.
    2nd start for Rouen and again nailed it nicely and had the lead for T1,i ofcourse i knew Sammy wouldnt be having this for long,and i was right :D,instant pressure and attacks payed off eventually at the final turn so we cross the line back in qually order,im pleased at being able to stick close with him until a couple of small mistakes give him a little gap,i get my heed back down and chip it away a bit and prepare to get back on terms,but he goes out to wide exiting T2 for a better run at T3 and clips the grass.......i see in the rear view it just keeps going more and more wrong as he tries to hold it then ends with a barrier smack :(.
    I didnt think i backed off that much,but Knut did...added to that a couple of dodgy little moments by me and i now had him bigger in my rear view,i really had to concentrate every lap to the finish to maintain the lead,this made it loads of fun right to the end.
    Officially love those mod Skylines!! :good:.

    Thank You Thommo & RD
  3. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

    This was a ton of fun, these Skylines were great, pretty tricky to handle on the edge, but damned fast. Best of all, I had some really close, clean racing.

    Nurburgring GP: Not really my favourite track but a good test for these Nissan's that can bite you if you push too hard. Qualified P5. Got a reasonable start but Piotr fishtailed across track and hit Steven in front of me, allowing Amir to jump all of us. I quickly had Gary harrassing my tail while I was planning how to attack Amir. Gary slipped past at the hairpin, but immediately spun. A bit later Stuart then Amir spun off, giving me P2, but with Steven right on my hammer now. I botched up the final chicane, blocking Steven a bit :)sorry: ) and bunching us up with Gary and Stuart. The four of us had some great racing for many laps, until Steven unfortunately over-cooked it into the wall, and then Stu dropped back. I tried to hang on to Gary but couldn't close the 2 to 3 sec gap, and finished P3.
    Grats to Sam who really blitzed us all.

    Rouen: Great track, and very high speed in these Skylines. I made a huge mess of Qualy with plenty of spins, and ended up starting P7.
    I managed to weave my way through a messy first few turns to exit that nasty hairpin in P3. That gave me a good view of the huge battle for the lead between Sam and Gary, they were having a ding dong scrap. :woot2:
    Sadly, Sam had a rare but very high speed crash. Soon I had Knut gaining quickly, he was flying through the field. :high5: My first thought was to let him pass easily, but then thought "Nah, you can earn it". We had a great battle for many laps, nose to tail, side by side, lots of drafting, and no touches, great stuff Knut. :wink: Knut's speed eventually got him past me and Stuart joined to make it a threesome. Unfortunately, Stu locked up into the deadly hairpin and tagged me (no problems Stu ) letting Knut get away from us. My tyres then went off badly, and I spun again letting Stu by. With my tyres pretty second hand, I backed off to finish P4.
    Grats to Gary for the win, and WD to Knut and Stu for the podium.

    Great racing all, good to see a good roll up too. Stu, I'd love to see more events in the Skylines, I think they are great, they certainly fit the GTL era and provide something a little different in terms of handling. :rockon:
  4. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz
    Happily driving a "girly" car

    Guys, does anyone have the full replay for Rouen? I don't why I have it for NGP but not for Rouen. If someone could email it to me I would be very thankful. I will pm my email to whoever wants to send it.
  5. Knut Omdal Tveito

    Knut Omdal Tveito

  6. Sam J Simpson

    Sam J Simpson

    I like these cars, light, fast and skittish they may be but they are a whole load of fun too, the default setup was a bit too stiff for me and I also put the car onto Goodyears to start with, I tried all 3 slicks and found them to be best overall, changed to Avons by accident for the first race at Nurb, I'd stuck them on for Quali because I knew they were quicker, but fragile, and forgot to change back for race but they lasted better than I expected so I was able to maintain pace to take the win. Race 2 at Rouen started well with Gary harrasing me mercilessly, until I pulled a bit too far left to take turn 3, hit the grass with my left tyres and went straight to the scene of the accident, race over for me but It meant I got to watch the Stu, Knut, Warren dice which was brilliant, great racing as usual guys, thanks to all involved.

  7. Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon Cooper
    I love my Meemaw


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  8. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear â„¢

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