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SGP GT3 Sprint Series | Season 2


ACC Club Staff
Welcome to the RD GT3 Sprint series!
30 minute GT3 sprint races that anyone in our RD simracing.gp community can take part in, premium membership is no longer required.

If you enjoy our races our premium membership helps to support our platform and ensures a better driving quality. If you aren't a premium member yet you can upgrade your account here

Missed a couple of events? No worries! The final scores at the end of the series use your 3 best results and if you aren't bothered about scoring points that's fine too, just turn up and have fun.

Each event starts at 18:45 UTC / 19:45 BST / 20:45 CEST / 21:45 EEST

Sign up for the any of the events in this series here:

Practice: 30mins
Quali: 15mins
Race: 30mins (special event 40mins)

20th July - Monza (in game race start time 20:00 - x2 time acceleration - finishes in the dark)
27th July - Hungaroring (In game race start time 14:00 - x1 time acceleration)
3rd August - Kyalami (In game race start time 3:00 - x3 time acceleration - finishes with the sun coming up)
10th August - Brands Hatch (In game race start time 14:00 - x1 time acceleration)
17th August - Silverstone Special! - 40min race with 10min mandatory pit stop window for tyre change
(In game race start time 21:00 - x2 time acceleration - finishes in the dark)

1st = 24 Points > 24th = 1 point
Best 3 finishes will be used to determine final results at the end of the series

Normal racing club rules apply which can be found here

Looking forward to seeing you all on track!
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