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  1. Petila


    Hi All!

    Does someone has any idea what happened my screen resolution?! After the game install everything worked fine but one time after I swaped the screen (ALT+TAB) to the web browser and back on the game just shown this black line in the game...It's looks like moved the game on my screen...I tried to change the resolution in the game option but if I doing again the screen swap it will be same....I tried to reinstall the game...did'nt change anything...I haven't more idea... thx for the help
  2. Jan-Olov Johansson

    Jan-Olov Johansson

    Tried pressing 'auto-adjust' or some similar button on your monitor ? ;)
  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    I suppose it could be something like Jan said above. Some monitors have a button where your set the pixel ratio,which should be on 1:1. (Usually)

    Another good thing may be to ensure that your desktop resolution matches your in game resolution. You will always get better graphics if your monitor is operating at its 'natural resolution'. So if you monitor's natural resolution is 1680x1050, then set you desktop to that resolution, and play your game in that resolution. Any other resolution may give you a slightly blurry image, as you monitor has to resize the pixels on the fly.

    Perhaps you game resolution doesn't match your desktop, so when you tab out to desktop, the resolution changes, and it's getting stuck. The shortcut keys Alt-Enter usually switch games from Windowed mode to Fullscreen mode. It may be worth trying to hit the shortcut keys twice after tabbing back into the game. That will put the game into windowed mode and back out to fullscreen mode. Maybe the screen will fill fully when going back into fullscreen mode.

    Another thing is graphics driver, in Catalyst (or NVidea equivalent), there is usually a screen adjustment section. Go through your most commonly used screen resolutions (I only use one resolution), make sure your image is centralised on the screen, and takes up ALL of the screen. Usually there are adjusters in the software that allow you to adjust the image edges in or out, so that each edge (top, bottom, left, right) is at the true limit of visible area at the edges of the screen.

    That's about all can think of, apart from re-installing video drivers.