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G27 Startup Calibration Issue


Apr 12, 2015
Hi I bought this G27 last August. When I plug it in it does the calibration thing: Fully turn right, fully turn left, then come back to dead center. Recently I realize that it doesn't always go back to the center position any more. Sometimes it stays fully right, sometimes it moves a little bit to the right but far from the center position.

Is this a rotary encoder issue that will cause the car in game to veer left or right even when the wheel is centered? My control in the game is working okay now, but should I be worried?


May 1, 2015
Hi... I think I have a different problem... that post was related to G27 paddle, but what I'm concerned is the rotation of wheel.
I had the same problem, but i could fix it myself. Your G27 have either a broken optical encoder wheel or the PCB of the encoder isn't fixed well to the motor.

Problem one can be fixed by glueing the encoder to the shaft

For he second problem you only have to tighten up the screws.

For both fixes you have to open up your G27. This Link will help you:

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