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G force rgb led / SimDash Game synchro

Hello i recently bought leds for my rig

I have to run it with simDash but it s very dissapointing i have to set the leds for every cars, the software is meh...

I’d like to know if there s a way to syncronize my leds with my usb480 screen displaying z1 Dashboard or simhub dash ... or if there’s a base of preset for sim Dash.

ideally i just want to have the Game and the leds to be automaticly synchorinized.

I m sure i m missing something here.


Wow i've not seen those before - I have a SRH G-Force dash. They look nice and cleverly bolt to the top lol.

Can't help with the rgb - simhub can drive the usbd480 tho so presumably could drive the led controller too ? The SRH software for my dash is woefully outdated, but Z1 has me covered.
I have a 16 segment LED bar.. I use simhub to run it. I can either set them to run from certain RPM to certain RPM or I can use percentage of the games RPM.. Maybe a picture can better show what im saying. See how you can use RPM or RPM percentage...

Hope this helps.. I could be way off here cause I dont fully understand all these USB and LED setups quite yet.


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I have also seen external LED's section in Z1 dash. Not sure if it would support your LED block but it seems logical since they support the G-Force dash ?