Formula SimRacing joins forces with RaceDepartment


Formula SimRacing is excited to join forces with RaceDepartment with immediate effect.
RaceDepartment being a highly respected and large Sim Racing community, running several high profile leagues and events, is a great partner for Formula SimRacing in the endeavour to bring professional sim racing to the next level.

For this year, RaceDepartment will host Formula SimRacing's official discussion forums along all the other already existing league and discussion forums of RD, bringing the community closer together and making it easier for all sim racers and community members to keep track of important sim racing leagues, events, and news around the sport.
For 2011, RaceDepartment and Formula SimRacing will look into the option of an even closer partnership which is to be worked out.

Eric Kaczmarek, RaceDepartment Admin:
"RaceDepartment Staff is very excited about its new partnership with Formula Simracing. FSR brings to RD the finest Open Wheeler league on the internet. Its professionalism and drivers is a fantastic addition to our growing community.
Welcome guys! Looking forward to work together on some new exciting projects."

Dennis Hirrle, FSR Admin:
"Since many years, sim racing has a big issue: It is shattered. Too many leagues on too many different places makes it unnecessarily hard for the racers and the whole community to keep track of what's going on. Several weeks ago Eric and I started our talks and it was a very pleasant experience. I'm all for joining forces, that's why we're here and are now partnering up with an excellent community as RaceDepartment is. Talks have been very fruitful and I'm excited to see what we can do for the longer term future!

Formula SimRacing, ran by the International SimRacing Club, is currently in its 10th season of existance, being a high profile open wheel league based on rFactor. Three different categories of racing suit for the rookie as well as the pro racer, and all of them are broadcasted live.
The next event is the Monaco Grand Prix this coming weekend!
For more information, if you're new to FSR, please check out our website at .

Thank you!

Dennis Hirrle

Bram Hengeveld

Great news! Thanks to FSR, Eric & Xose who brought all this good stuff together :doublethumb: :welcome:

Made a quick customization on the forum skin so you guys feel more at home :cool: Will do some more when I have more time on my hands.

Mark A Warmington

Did RD advise you of clause 511.23 of the RD sporting code?

"When an established sim-racing community (such as FSR) joins RD, with drivers of world-class calibre (such as those who frequent FSR), said entity is required to commit to at least 1000 hours of free tuition to all RD members, to improve their race-craft, and general levels of competitiveness, to the level of those within the joining community (to ensure parity and prevent a power battle between sim-racings elite...)"

A very fair and equitable sub clause I think... :wink:.
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