Formula ISI excessive oversteer

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  1. Sfrost

    FFT Corse driver #116 Aston Martin v8 Vantage Premium

    Trying to drive the Formula ISI as well as the Marussia and the F12013 mod but i just keep getting snap oversteer with the cars when I try and put the power down and no matter what I do with the setup nothing seems to make it better. Can someone please give me some setup pointers that could reduce or remove the oversteer when accelerating out of a corner. So far I have tried;
    -Decreasing pump
    -Decreasing accel lock
    -Increasing and decreasing preload
    -Softening rear anti roll bar and stiffening front roll bar
    -Softer rear bump dampers and stiff front rebound dampers (on the third springs as well)
    -Move weight distribution rearward
    - More and less camber on rear tires
    - Lower tire pressures
    Am I missing anything that I can try to get rid of the oversteer as it just makes the cars undriveable for me.
  2. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
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    been keeping upto date with your post over at isi forums, im afraid you might end up with the same answers here, your not missing nothing, they just require you to be much easier on the throttle pedal, i use 25% sensitivity on my g25 throttle ingame, with 100% id spin out everytime trying to get the power down.
  3. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    I really do respect rF2 physics and the guys behind it but that car's power delivery doesn't feel right. At least compared to what i see on onboards or it's missing some feature.

    Some people use different throttle sensitivity for that car, it might help ... but still those V8s barely produced 280 N.m of torque at the wheels. In pure traction it feels right, but even with the slight steering angle it becomes nervous.

    I could be wrong too and should practice harder :)
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