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FFB settings


Wondering what you guys/gals use for your FFB settings?

I've attached mine to this thread but I sometimes think the FFB is a little much / rough, looking for an accurate feel.

right now I gave up .. couldn`d make it feel good (compared to GSC or GTREvo) .. so no AC for me for a while ...but best for me was:
gain: 76
filter: 0 or 5
dampers: 0
min. force: 0 or 3
kerbs: 80-100
road efx: 0 - 30
slip efx: 0

if I could get rid of that springy feel round centre it would be passable
On my Porsche GT3 wheel (not the best, sometimes gets a little coggy, but hey), I run forces at 68%, 100% wheel...I use a special fan to keep the motor cool. Using special cooling allows you to run much higher forces without stressing the wheel too much. Definitely look to secondary cooling for the motor of your wheel to get accurate forces.

Apart from this, I set kerbs @ 105, road to maximum. Every in-car video I have watched, the drivers experience much more of the road than average settings on the slider bar allow, so maximum gets me to realism IMHO.