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FFB logitech g27???

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Zenon1988, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Zenon1988


    Have just tried the game, and some ffb settings, but cant get it to feel good, i want it to stop shaking so mutch, but i still want it to be a bit hard to turn. In logitech profiles i got 2 differnt settings for this, but i cant force it to work in this game. All other games works.... ????
  2. ouvert


    I assume you have spring, damper and centering spring set to 0 in Logitech profiler. Other than that play with minimum force in game FFB settings .. I believe for G27 it should be somewhere between 20 - 40 ..
    If you have issues only with some cars (too strong FFB or not strong enough) you can edit that car in RealFeel.ini (in game folder)
  3. Paulo Gomes

    Paulo Gomes

    I recommend for minimum force 72% for the g27, it gives more weight to ffb in low speeds, and is a little bit more hard to turn at normal speeds but does not compromise the detail of the ffb, the values that reiza recomends feels to weak, special at low speeds, like when exiting the garage.

    Page 34 of the game manual basically says everything you need to know for the logitech G series wheels, you will find the manual under the configuration tool for AMS through steam
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