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    Alex Sawczuk
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    I've been asked a bunch of questions, so you know it makes sense to put them all in one place.

    General Questions

    I'm only allowed 2 re-activations?
    After you purchase the game you have one activation and two extra re-activations by default. If you use these up you can request further activations. Send an email too sales@reizastudios.com with the appropriate information. Upon analysis you may be granted more extra activations.

    What is the right Steering Wheel Range for these cars?
    The game is configured for 270 degrees by default. However the real life cars have 540 Degrees and a steering lock in game between 20 to 22 degrees is recommended. Make sure to update the steering wheel range in your profile´s controller.ini so that the in-game wheel rotation match that of your controller.

    How do I adjust the head movement in the Cockpit view?
    Go to Options -> Controls -> Controller 2 -> Adjust the Head movement slider (0%-100%). This only works in the full cockpit view.

    How does Push-to-Pass work?
    Push-to-pass adds an extra 500 RPM + 50 HP to the engine temporarily to assist overtaking. It can only be used in races, up to 8 times, and with an interval of two and half minutes between uses.

    How do I get Push-to-Pass working?
    Simply assign a button to 'Push to Pass' in the Controller 1 menu and then press this button in race mode when you wish to use it. A message will tell you how long before you can use it again too.

    Can I add rFactor Mods/Tracks to GSC?
    No unfortunately it's not possible for non Developers to add new content, GSC has it´s own GMT format which differs from rFactor and other Games with the same engine.

    How do I turn the Trackamp on/off?
    Press NumPad 0 to cycle trackmap between rotating, fixed and off.


    I'm having some issues with the rear view/mirror view being blocked in Cockpit mode.
    It´s supposed to be like this :) We do however understand that some people may not enjoy this feature. Try opening your PLR file and edit the following line. "Self In Cockpit Rearview" Set this from 15 to 0. Make sure you do this whilst GSC is not running.

    Upon starting the game GSC appears in Task manager then vanishes.
    If you have an application running that has an on screen display running at the same time, try closing this first. (i.e. Fraps, Ati tray tools). If that still does not work, try renaming d3d9.dll to something else (NOTE: this will cause the Trackmap to not work anymore, no further side-effects beyond that however).

    GSC crashes when I disable qualifying.
    There is a bug that causes that. We are working on a solution. For now, do not disable qualifying in any type of session - single race, championship or multiplayer.

    When joining a server on multiplayer the game just freezes on loading screen with full loading bar
    This happens with Practice 1 has been disabled. Either re-enable this in game on a 1 player game, or edit the plr file manually, setting the Run Practice option 1 as follows: Run Practice1="1"

    Which ports do I need to open on a dedicated server in order to host?
    TCP port 34747 must be opened. In addition to this the UDP port numbers are listed in the multiplayer.ini as 34597 and 34697 by default need to be opened. You need to open from these two UDP numbers upwards for each server you have open.

    If there are any other questions please feel free to ask below and I'll edit them in.
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