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Darren Bentley

Feb 22, 2011
Hey guys, I have been here for a long time now and I can't really remember there being an F1 Videos thread, so unless I am breaking some kind of rule that I am unaware of, I think we should make one.
Especially considering this is the end of the season and we are missing our dose of F1.

What videos should this thread include?
This thread should include obviously Videos related to F1, this means that it can include, famous on track battles, season highlights, interviews, pieces made by broadcasting companies that are funny or very informative (E.G Sky's piece by Martin Brundle on Mercedes Power Unit in Bahrain) and my personal favorites tributes :)

Below I guess I will start with a tribute, this is a tribute to Michael Schumacher made by Ayrton01CZ, its an amazing tribute as is a lot of his work that he has done and just so you know it doesn't end with keep fighting Michael because this was made just before his second retirement. Enjoy :)


Mar 2, 2011
In case someone hasn't seen this yet. I stumbled upon this only yesterday, so there might be others out there...
And Part 2.
Crap, after watching this I can't even be mad at him for leaving Ferrari anymore... :speechless:

Henky SA

Jul 21, 2013
may i participate? may i? may i? :D
this is what i'm currently warching watching(err... typo :cautious:) rite now. i laugh everytime when i hear Montoya was swearing to Kimi in 2002 Spa GP qualifying. when he thought Kimi slowed him down. that legendary swear LOL.
the irony was, 2-3 year later.. they were teammates :O_o:
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