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F1: Toro Rosso Secure Name Change For 2020

Toro Rosso becomes Alpha Tauri 2020 F1.jpg

The Toro Rosso Formula One team have confirmed a change of identity for the 2020 Formula One next year...

... dropping the name held since 2006 in favour of becoming Alpha Tauri from the 2020 racing season.

Having been part of the larger Red Bull family following the Austrian teams purchase of perennial backmarker outfit Minardi at the end of 2005, Toro Rosso will undergo another identity change next season, becoming Alpha Tauri from the start of 2020.

Still remaining under the current Toro Rosso management structure, and maintaining their relationship with Honda for a third consecutive season, the switch to Alpha Tauri does not represent a new entry into Formula One, but more of a bid to align the Red Bull marketing machine to promote the new Red Bull owned clothing range of the same name.

Having been in the works for quite a while, it is understood that the F1 Commission e-vote approved the change request following the recent Russian Grand Prix, granting permission for the Italian squad to re brand once the current campaign comes to a close next month.

So, F1 2020 style looks set to field a team of Alfa's, and Alpha's next year.. that won't be confusing at all..!

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I realized the only comment I could make was not fit for this site...

To be honest, i prefer that the team keep the current name. Because that he may be confused between Alpha Tauri and Alfa Romeo Racing.
And why not Tauri Rosso?


I understand there's marketing and everything, but we have an Alfa on the grid so I think Alfa Romeo should protest this choice. Also, the star Alpha Centauri should protest the choice :D

About the post above, Toro Rosso is Italian for "Red Bull" and "Alpha Tauri" is Latin (actually "alpha" is Greek! But the Romans loved Greek) and it could mean something like "the first (star?) of the Taurus (constellation?)".
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Nick Hill

This is like when the middle child does something outlandish to remind everyone they still exist!

F1 is a marketing platform as far as Red Bull is concerned. Name the team whatever they'd like, as long as they keep paying the bills and filling the grid, fine by me.


All motorsport is marketing. Without it you'd only have a few small series of people doing it that had the money to race regular sports cars. Without marketing and advertising, half these teams wouldn't even exist.
People seem to be up in arms about the fact that these people advertise and market their product. How else would they have the money to compete or to sell their cars etc.?
The prices for merchandise on the other hand is just to remind everyone how much it costa the teams to compete in this series. They have to try and claw some revenue from somewhere
When another Italian team saw the prices being charged, they too decided to change their name for marketing purposes. It is kinda catchy.

The Other Red Shirt-Selling Team


Meh, I prefer TR, but I guess this will be less confusing for people getting in to F1. Having Red Bull and Toro Rosso on the grid was always a little weird for first time viewers.


What a crock!
Scuderia Toro Rosso at least has a flavour of Italian motor racing to the name, Alpha Tauri is just another marketing label and one that is rooted in $$$.
That is cute, you actually think Kimi will be back next year.....The 2nd half of this season has not been kind to our favorite Finn.
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