alpha tauri

  1. JPereira Design

    AlphaTauri Fantasy Livery 2.0

    What if AlphaTauri changed their colours entirely to Black & Red? That's the idea I had for this fantasy livery! Mod Features: Custom Livery Custom Wheel Covers Custom Driver Numbers Custom Driver Suit, Gloves, Boots and Cap Custom Race Crew and Pit Crew Custom Monitor Screen If you...
  2. TheSourceOfTheNile

    Scuderia AlphaTauri AT03 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 1.2

    Over 40 hours of work has gone into creating the definitive version of the Scuderia AlphaTauri for RSS's magnificent Formula Hybrid 2022 for Assetto Corsa in the highest quality possible. Install: 1. Drag the "content" mod folder to c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\assetto...
  3. mc1023

    2026 Volkswagen AlphaTauri( Full Team Package) 1.0

    Volkswagen AlphaTauri Story: There has been numerous of hearsay said that Porsche will supply power unit for Red bull and Alpha Tauri. However, the one who supply power unit for them isn't Porsche, but their parent company- Volkswagen. As long as this is Volkswagen first year in f1. Red Bull...
  4. N

    4K | ACFL F1 2022 Color Fix Part 2 | Alfa Romeo, Alpha Tauri, Haas, Mercedes v0.4

    Part 2 of my color corrections: Didnt touch Red Bull and Williams since i feel like there is no need, they are quite accurate. Just made previews for them. Added the red "lipstick" as I like to call it, on the Mercedes rear wing. And, blackened the wheel covers as they did IRL (removed the AMG...
  5. DragonRiderMax

    Blue gradient Alpha tauri GREEN VERSION 1.0

    A slight retexture of Alpha tauri car to better fit my own desires. Install mod by just copying the f12020 folder inside the rar to the same directory as your game (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common) Feel free to check out white version...
  6. DragonRiderMax

    Blue Gradient Alpha Tauri WHITE VERSION 1.0

    A slight retexture of Alpha tauri car to better fit my own desires. Install mod by just copying the f12020 folder inside the rar to the same directory as your game (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common) Feel free to check out green version of this livery...
  7. Fonzo19

    Alpha Tauri livery concept 1.0

    IMPORTANT: please download the base files of Modular Mods before installing this, otherwise it won't work How to install: simply drop the _MODULAR_MODS folder in your F1 2021 folder. If it asks to replace existing files, you may have another Alpha Tauri livery installed, I advice you take the...
  8. y_lhrch

    AlphaTauri - F1 2022 Fantasy Mod by Jonnie 1.0

    This mods includes a newly designed AlphaTauri Livery. It keeps the basic color scheme, but gives it a different flow, including a touch of red and an italian flag on the sidepod Notes Not online compatible Not compatible with other copy paste mods changing this livery Create a backup of your...
  9. shadow118

    Formula Hybrid X 2022 Evo Scuderia AlphaTauri AT03 1.4

    Scuderia AlphaTauri AT03 livery for RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 Evo
  10. sebisanber

    Alpha Tauri WEC Team 1

    Español: Alpha Tauri WEC Team: Esta es otra skin que prepare para la carrera de Lemans de 2H. Esta livery es para otro corredor ya inscrito Cosas que contiene la skin: - 1 Livery para el Ford GT GTE LM - Guantes personalizado - Trajes de pilotos personalizado - 1 cascos personalizado - Banner...
  11. sebisanber

    Alpha Tauri Hyperion 1

    Español: Alpha Tauri Hyperion: Dejo por aquí este Nascar que hice con el patrocinio de Alpha Tauri Cosas que contiene la skin: - 2 Livery para el Hyperion 2020 - Guantes personalizado - Trajes de pilotos personalizado - 2 cascos personalizado - Trajes de mecánicos personalizado...
  12. speedbzik


    Hello everyone. I was inspired by the youtuber "Aarava" and I made this model. New Livery Alha Tauri :) Its basis is - (If Rarisqian bothers me, I'll delete it) I have two versions. 1) - Copy-paste with...
  13. T

    Alpha Tauri alternative livery + Racing suit 1.2

    Hello Mates! I designed an alternative livery for the Alpha Tauri team. It's perfect for the next few years of your career so you don't always see the same livery. The basic design is slightly lighter than the current one and is more reminiscent of the AT01. The most eye-catching element is...
  14. mukkenborg

    Daniil Kvyat Alpha Tauri Helmet 1.0

    Hi guys! I made a quick helmet for you to use in career mode! enjoy!:D let me know if there is any issues!
  15. El Moustachos

    Alpha Tauri motorized by BMW Final Version

    Hi !Here is my mod Alpha Tauri powered by BMW Motorsport! The first part of the mod (Red Bull BMW) is available here : the mod contains the car, the drivers' outfit and the mechanics' clothes. Good game ! :)
  16. El Moustachos

    Alpha Tauri Chrome and Black 1.0

    An Alpha Tauri Black and Chrome ! Good Game ! :)
  17. Martin Rowntree

    Alpha Tauri DTM skin 1.0

    Almost a 1:1 livery for the Alpha Tauri DTM car as driven by Alex Albon. I omitted the DTM liveries but the rest is there. It's a nice simple look. File contains livery (including file name the json will search for) and json file for the 'cars' folder.
  18. RickJanB

    AlphaTauri AT02 (FOM-CHASSIS) 1.0 (Final)

    Hello people, Hereby I present AlphaTauri Livery with a lighter blue and with fom_chassis. To install this mod: - Mod require to work installed: Modular Mods by: ParkYongLee - Drag the file in this folder: fomswap_alpha_tauri, into the _ACTIVE folder into the Modular Mods file. Let me know...
  19. Hubert fan

    Fantasy 2022 pack old version wrong one

    i had a typo in posting everything, sorry guys, now is fixed and in the right racedepartment's category
  20. renjiro2020

    AlphaTauri Alternate Livery (Original Chassis/AT02 Look-alike) 1.1

    AlphaTauri livery on the original chassis, Full dark-blue livery with 2021 sponsors (unfortunately the mappings on the original AT chassis is very limited so i can only do so much) If you have problems or want to suggest something, do so in the discussions tab or my discord server, not in the...