F1 News: Racing Point Set For Name Change Before Season Start

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The team formally known as Force India recently became Racing Point - but is now set for yet more change before the new season next year.

Having changed hands from the previous Vijaya Mallya reign as Force India Formula One Team, the Silverstone based outfit signed up for the 2019 F1 season under the less than inspired Racing Point title, however it looks like name that no one likes will disappear before the cars turn up at Melbourne... although we don't know yet know what the former Jordan / Midland / Spyker / Force India team will be called for the new season.

With Lawrence Stroll and a consortium of businessmen having taken control of the outfit mid-season, it was something of a forgone conclusion that the outfit would run under a new identity for the following season. In a move to distance themselves from the previous ownership structure, the team remerged at Spa under the Racing Point Force India title, a name that at the time was explained as merely a placeholder until further plans could be developed.

However with the Formula One entry list for 2019 having had to be lodged by Friday last week, it emerged that the team would be registered under the Racing Point identity for next season, leaving many fans to question the rather uninspired new identity of what has always been one of the more flamboyant outfits in modern Grand Prix racing.

According to Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer, Racing Point is merely a placeholder in order to satisfy the new season sign up criteria, with changes planned for the team before the season begins on March 25th.

“It’s not the permanent name, just something we stuck onto the entry until we go for a permanent name change. It won’t be Racing Point,” Szafnauer told Reuters.
Szafnauer wouldn't be pressed on exactly when the team will reveal their new identity, however it is expected the new look squad will get a public airing around the time of the 2019 car launch, usually late January or early February in order to be prepared for the all important pre-season testing schedule.

Unlike in previous years, a change of team and chassis name isn't as difficult to accomplish as was once the case, with just permission needing to be granted by the sports governing body, the FIA.

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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Original poster
Jun 5, 2009
So then folks, what would you call it?

(waits for Stroll jokes, leaves the room)...

Nick Gregory

Forever a backmarker
Nov 27, 2015
Force One was tossed around a little bit before the start of the season this year, so maybe they could go with that?


Jan 25, 2014
If they keep those colors, the team name should definitely be Ice-cream.

Filip Carlén

Jan 6, 2014
In Swedish the term "Pappa betalar" is a joke/thing/"meme" (there are songs, shirts, etc about it, just google it), and it means "dad pays". The joke is about how rich spoiled kids (around age 16-22) waste money on liquor, expensive gadgets, phones, watches etc. but they don't have to worry since "dad pays". So I personally probably gonna call them "Team Pappa Betalar" as long as Stroll drives... :p
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Dirk Steffen

Porsche Factory Jackass™
Jul 30, 2016
Niki Lauda (could have been said): It’s amazing. You have all these facilities and still the name sounds like ****!

Seriously they could not have come up with a more inspiring name? This is a name a 8 year old comes up for his school science project.

Why not call the team “Schnürsenkel” or “Schubkarre” or “Geh mal Bier holen Verein” or “Hottentottenhuptiedoodel”.

Anything really.


Dec 7, 2015
What's wrong with calling it Stroll something? Every other team on the grid except RBR and TR are people's names.


Feb 3, 2017
Cash Point

(for those in other parts of the world a cash point is what the Brits call an ATM)