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F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
To be clear, I'm not bagging the game , just making a suggestion.Hope we can sync the career mode from 2020 game to 2021-22-23-24-etc. It takes me a year to complete 1 season let alone 10. with the other sims to tinker with ACC , AM2 etc, Time is hard to come by. Or just release 1 game every 10 years and have updates and DLC in-between , that way they could focus on quality and improvements, still make money and eventually get it to simulation status with VR. ?

I mean, you could just not buy it every year since people act like it's only a patch instead of a new game anyway, it's F1 after all there's only so much you can do so F12021 will be almost identical to this one.
To be honest having a 10 race season in career mode is pretty enticing. Hopefully there is an option for only one practise session too...

Durge Driven

How will this or any F1 sim mod replicate "steering wheel mode" :coffee: it will need to be canned arcade
because you can't change camber real-time in any sim I know

Wonder if opposite would work so during a extended safety car period use negative camber to save rubber / contact patch :sneaky:
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