F1 2019 | (Very) Small Hotfix Released

Codemasters have released a minor hotfix update for F1 2019.

Currently only available on Xbox One, with PS4 and PC versions set to follow in the next few days, a new build has been released today for F1 2019 - adding just the single update note that address a game crashing issue some players have experienced when attempting to load a save file created in previous build versions of the software.

Admittedly not the most considerable of updates, certainly not on a par with the likes of the mammoth two page iRacing build releases, the new version of the game is surely still welcomed by those players who have put time into the game and found their save progress corrupted by later build releases.

The new version released earlier today is available now on Xbox One, and although exact time frames for the PC and PS4 build of the title have yet to be shared by the studio, expect these to drop in the very near future.

For ease of access, you can check out the change notes from the last big update to the game, HERE.

F1 2019 is available now on console and PC.

One of the most popular racing games of 2019, F1 2019 certainly has a large following from racing fans, and if you've got a burning question to ask, or just want to hang with like minded people, pop into the F1 2019 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and let our great community help you out with a response!

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