F1 2019: Update 1.15 Released - Bizarre Driver Swaps Fixed!

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Codemasters have released patch 1.15 for F1 2019 across both PC and console platforms.

Available for both PC and PS4, with Xbox One to follow shortly, the new build is here, and it contains a number of fixes and improvements to the latest in a long line of officially sanctioned Formula One games from the Codemasters development team.

In this new build, visual updates such as the Alex Albon / Pierre Gasly switch between Red Bull and Toro Rosso have finally been included, bringing the current driving line-up from this season up to date within the game, but for me at least one of the biggest features of this new build has to be some of the changes Codemasters have introduced regarding the driver swap logic within the title.

Initially seeming like an exceptional new feature for the series - where drivers can move between F1 teams either in-season or during the winter - in reality the frequency of driver movement, and some of the choices made, really didn't quite work that realistically - spoiling much of the immersion the new feature could have created.

It appears as though Codemasters are aware of the community discontent with this side of the game, and have made some moves towards upgrading how this works in F1 2019 - or letting players turn it off completely should they so choose.

Other highlights from the latest build include work on specific graphical bugs, Al performance at race start and some framerate improvements for PC players.

F1 2019 V1.15 Update Notes
  • Alexander Albon and Pierre Gasly have been moved to Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso – this will not affect existing career saves
  • AI Race start performance variance updated leading to slower starts by the AI on average
  • Mid-season driver transfer logic amended
  • Added options to disable driver transfers or limit to off-season transfers only
  • Addressed an issue with visual graining seen on specific graphics cards
  • Addressed an issue where FPS drops could be seen on PC
  • Cars being lapped will now ghost in online sessions
  • Teammate can now be selected at the start of a career
  • Grid penalties can now be seen during the pre-race grid rundown
  • Players can no longer re-join a team they were fired from in the same season in career
  • 26 brand new customisation items including Halloween edition items

F1 2019 Update 1.15 2.jpg

F1 2019 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Oct 27, 2015
A new bug in this Update is that the game crashes/gets stuck in post session loading screens.


Mar 2, 2010
Good decision to fix the drivers swaps feature. I tried it once and got some weird results, like Grosjean replacing Vettel at Ferrari! :confused::D

Blues Fly

Apr 12, 2018
It is better to let the player control the driver transfer, each driver transfer is controlled by the player. For example I want ricardo to Mercedes, botas to haas team I need to be able to specific operation!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:;)


Jun 4, 2017
  • AI Race start performance variance updated leading to slower starts by the AI on average
finally after so many years a normal start by AI? great:D:thumbsup:
also this is good:
  • Cars being lapped will now ghost in online sessions
but, did you know in most cases in single player races the backmarkers will be ghosted for the AI leaders(if they are _almost_touching each other's car) and not for you? this is why lapping a backmarker is a peace of cake for Ai cars, diving inside of a backmarker and the backmarker tries to close the door or suddenly slows down massively at racing line? no problem, the backmarker will be ghosted for you if you are an AI :D


Sep 8, 2019
I wish Codemasters would add Formula E and F3 to F1 2019 for the 1.16 patch so any players can drive Formula E cars just like Real Racing 3.


Oct 27, 2015
Did you try file integrity check in Steam?
That fixed it! But I don't know if installing ANY mod will now cause this problem. The only things I installed were realistic damage and one helmet mod for Butler. I'll reinstall one mod at a time and update on this.