F1 2016 game - trailer summary and new 'Your Journey Begins' video

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    The new Codemasters Formula One game is due to the digital shelves in less than one months time and promises to go down in history as the most complete edition of the long running games franchise.

    F1 2016 will bring many new (and some returning...) features missing from previous instalments of the series. After much community outcry the team over at Codemasters have brought back the often missed Safety Car feature and include new the new for 2016 Virtual Safety Car technology into the latest game. Single player career mode has received considerable enhancements from previous versions and looks to offer a more immersive experience than seen before from a Codemasters Formula One title.

    Early comments from the studio indicate F1 2016 might be more geared towards the simulation end of the racing game spectrum, as it has been confirmed previously automated features such as manual pitlane entry have been included and a series first warmup lap are now available to enjoy in the new title. F1 2016 will also be the second instalment using the new Codemasters game engine, many will hope for greater optimisation and improved graphical fidelity in the latest release.

    No doubt in the build up to the August 19th release Codemasters will offer up more videos and information on the title, but to whet your appetite we have listed some of the recent trailers and gameplay videos for you to enjoy below...

    Your Journey Begins trailer:

    Create Your Own Legend trailer:

    Hungarian Grand Prix Hotlap:

    British Grand Prix Hotlap:

    Austrian Grand Prix Hotlap:

    European Grand Prix Hotlap:

    Check out the RaceDepartment F1 2016 game forum for more news and discussion items regarding the upcoming latest release from the long running Codemasters series.

    Are you looking forward to the F1 2016 game? What feature are you most looking forward to trying? Will it be a release day purchase for you? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Mantas Jokubauskas

    Mantas Jokubauskas

    There's also a gameplay (somewhat) video in Spanish, but I think it's nice to check that out.

    Note that it isn't final list of helmets and avatars.
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  3. Tim.E


    Yes definitely, this time it really seems like a good game from everything that I've seen so far, a definite release day purchase. The feature that I'm looking forward the most surely has to be the return of career mode. If online isn't dodgy I might be looking into doing that more often as well.
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  4. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    Yes I am looking forward to this.
    I am disillusioned with online racing at this time so I crave a good offline experience with more detail. If it improves on F1 2013 edition (the best one in my opinion) then I will be happy. As a long time F1 fan I really hope this one satisfies my F1 race urge.:thumbsup: I already have my Thrustmaster F1 wheel fitted and ready in hope.

    @jimortality you will love it with your rift mate.;)
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  5. Szymon Olizarowicz

    Szymon Olizarowicz

    Definitely not buying in blind, but I am cautiously optimistic.
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  6. mister dog

    mister dog

    If the reviews and opinions are good, i'll add it to the steam wishlist and wait for a good sale a couple of months later :cool:
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  7. Deleted member 130869

    Deleted member 130869

    Looks like they borrowed on ideas from the Milestone SBK games and expanded on them, also furthering what was available in F1 2006 CE.
  8. GTSpeedster


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  9. Alberto Casado

    Alberto Casado

    Will it be a release day purchase for you?

    Not even with your money
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  10. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim

    Wont buy it. I allready hear the consolish music...menu structure, no proper wheel settings. Next....
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  11. Queequeg


    Gonna wait for reviews to see how earnest they are about the simulation aspects and how fleshed out career mode actually is. Probably something for a Steam sale.
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  12. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium


    Take a look at this guys 3 part series of videos on career mode features and gameplay.

    Doesnt look too bad in my opinion.
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  13. thatmotorfreak


    Just gonna hope it's not a buggy mess, and wait for some massive discount.
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