F1 2016 Fanatec CSR Wheel Settings for PS4 with CronusMax Plus

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  1. JE711


    For those of you like me, who are
    • Very happy with your current wheel as it works fine
    • Don't want or can't spend the money for a new wheel
    • Have a PS4 or prefer a PS4 over others..
    I did some research and bought a CronusMax Plus stick with 4 port USB in order to play F1 2016 on PS4 with my CSR Wheel. It works perfect. It took me about an hour with in wheel settings to get the wheel running spot on.

    The CronusMax Plus tricks the PS4 to recognize the CSR as a G29 wheel. The issues I've seen and found a trick to is the CSR's sensitivity has to be set to 360 degrees before entering the game itself. The issue is, when attempting to play the game, the ffb wheel doesn't match the wheel rotation you see on the game in cock-pit view. In my case, the wheel feels loose and felt as if there was too much "play" in the wheel.

    The trick I found is once in the game I clicked "Sen" on the wheel and dialed it down to 270. The rotation matched the wheel on the screen and all "clipping" disappeared.

    *Note: The Fanatec CSR Forza wheel and pedal set I have are not the "Elite" model. They have never been updated with new drivers or firmware. It's "as she wore her hair" straight out of the box when I ordered it years ago. The wheel worked perfectly on the xbox360 (that went to game-console heaven) so I never felt the need to update it (if it ain't broke, don't fix it).

    The following are the in-wheel settings I use for the CSR in F1 2016:
    (*remember to have the SEN set at 360 prior to connecting the wheel to the CronusMax Plus. Only switch over to 270 once in the game)

    SEN: 270
    FF: 100
    Sho: 080
    dri: OFF
    ABS: 075
    Lin: 050
    dEA: 000
    Spr: 3
    dPr: -3

    Hope this helps others in the same boat as I.
  2. david1971


    hi could you please send me any links to set the chromos max up please je711