F1 2014 WIP Thread


The texture is the same. I've checked it.
I gave up doing the 1992 mod but I'm trying to do the F3 2019 mod for F1 2014 as the season ended with Shwartzman winning the F3 2019 title. (*Campos, Carlin and 2 Jenzer drivers aren't in that mod, because there's only 22 drivers in the F1 2014 game*)

BTW I made the Sauber Junior Team F3 livery.


To the Friends who still follow this forum, as you can see I am publishing car previews for the 1992 F1 season, I have been called several times by F1Anime, which then sent me a draft that I believe I do not use apart from photos, I think I use the base of the Mod Upgrades made in collaboration with my friend Chianamik which I did a long time ago, I will choose the cars that are feasible based on the mirror effect problems that create the skins. If you want to follow the evolutions I will continue to publish them on this forum.
BENETTON B192-1992.jpg
Minardi M192.jpg
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