F1 2013 unplayable for me - Help wanted :c

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    Hi guys,

    i just made up an Account here because i have a huge problem with my F1 2013.

    But first of all, I'm sorry for my bad english. I'm from Germany so it's not my mother tongue.
    But back to my problem, if I drive Careermode or any other mode exept Time Trial in F1 2013 I have with every car and every Set-Up huge understeer. But after about 20- 30 minutes ingame it gets way worse, when I drive with a speed above 100km/h i literally can't turn the car a single milimeter, it's like the car broke or something, kinda like a puncture just way worse. It appeared just today or last night. [BTW: I'm using a Logitech G27]
    For Information, I use this - http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/fictional-f1-2014-season.1424/ ; http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/helmet-pack-hd-sd.1233/ ; http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/realistic-damage-mod.876/ ; http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/reduced-tyre-wear.878/update?update=1818 - mods.
    I'm pretty sure it's one of the Mods but i don't want to try them all out and download my game 4 times.

    Hope anyone can help me and sorry again for my english.
    Have a nice day :)
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    You don't need to download the game again because you want to uninstall a mod or mods.

    1/ You only need to verify your game files via Steam. This will remove your mods and just download the original files which were over-written by your mods

    2/ You can back up the whole f12013 folder before installing mods, and copy the files back if you have a problem with one or mod of your mods

    3/ You can use a mod manager to install and uninstall as many mods as you like individually, all it takes is just a few clicks.

    So to fault find your game, you must remove mods and get back to the standard game, there really is no question about that, it can't be avoided. The most unlikely candidate for causing your problem is the helmet mod, but you still should get back to the standard game. Once you have the standard game you run some tests, then start adding the mods back into the game one at a time, testing after each mod is installed.

    So if the game works perfectly as the standard game, then you know it is one of your mods. If it goes wrong after you have re-installed one of the mods, then it's the fault of the last mod you installed.

    This is just general fault finding, and it isn't perfect. It cannot account for the possibility that it is one of the mods, but it only happens at one or two of the tracks. So if you know which track you had running at the time the problem occurred, then do your testing at that track also.

    To uninstall you mods now, just verify your game files, and Steam will automatically download any missing or changed files. Even with the biggest mod you have installed, this shouldn't be much more than a few hundred megabytes.

    Follow the procedure in post 2 of my sticky thread (How to repair/check your game files....) :-


    I suggest that you consider using a mod manager to install/uninstall mods as detailed in my sticky post below. The thread contains info about various ways to install mods, but I am linking you directly to the section which shows you how to use the Ryder Mod Manager.


    Good luck :)
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  3. Ken Hughes

    Ken Hughes
    Technically, alcohol IS a solution.

    Also, if you're using a PC, you may need to calibrate your wheel (even if you have set it up under the game settings). Go to Control Panel and select the Devices and Printers option. You should see your wheel listed there. Double-click on it and when the Game Controllers box opens, select Properties, then the settings tab then calibrate.

    Even though I had set up my wheel in the game, cornering was terrible. I couldn't get round the hairpin at Monaco without hitting the barrier. After calibrating - no problem.