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European Truck Sim 2 | Calais Reskin Previews

Preview time! Yes, SCS Software are at it again improving their awesome ETS 2 truck sim - this time with a rather large overhaul of the Calais region within the game.
  • Calais to receive substantial reskin.
  • Much larger, more detailed port area.
  • Improved road network realism.
European Truck Sim 2 and American Truck Sim developers SCS Software have recently shown off some nice preview images from the upcoming new build of the simulation - and they include a substantial update and reskin to the Calais region within the game.

ETS 2 Header.jpg

Originally part of the launch release content for European Truck Simulator 2, Calais is of course a very important location for it's link between France and the UK, and due to both the size of the port itself, and importance of the surrounding areas, SCS Software have revisited the location to give it a fresh update and expansion - considerably enlarging the road networks and ports, whilst adding plenty in the way of realism and graphical improvements.

The reskin to this area of the map is expected to be included as part of the next update release for the sim, and as you can see from the included previews - it looks very nice indeed.

ETS 2 update 2.jpg ETS 2 update 3.jpg ETS 2 Update 4.jpg Ets 2 update 5.jpg ets 2 update 6.jpg

European Truck Sim 2 is available now exclusively to PC.

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ETS 2 Footer.jpg
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Richard Hessels

Jul 23, 2008
Where is the customs que? Waiting for hours while trying to avond illegal immigrants entering your vehicle. ;)


Jul 29, 2019
Is there a mod to bring bunch of immigrants running around highway and try stopping trucks around Calais?

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