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Dustwood National Raceway

Tracks Dustwood National Raceway 0.4

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KX_nigo submitted a new resource:

Dustwood National Raceway - A fictional National Circuit in a forest

This is my first ever real track project so please don't expect one of the best track you've ever seen.
It is supposed to be a more natural track for national racing. It's located in a fictional forest of a fictional city named Dustwood. It is designed for F1 feeder series and GT racing.

It is still work in progress and it has no ai so far.

It would help me a lot if you could give me feedback after trying it out. And please rate it so I can see if it is good or bad and report any bugs so I...

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Hey mate, the track is great but I am having an issue with it due to the appearance of an invisible wall in the second lap at the start/finish line. I honestly don't know how that happens as in the first lap everything works fine.
This is a great start, and I really like the flow of the track. With some grass FX, fixing some "floating" items, more details, some marshalls and/or marshall stands, maybe a building, roughing things up some, it'll be a great track.

I've also had the issue mentioned in the previous post--just as I go under the bridge. the car may suffer some kind of damage. It doesn't happen all the time, so maybe there's a small object or something with collision in that area.