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Dustwood National Raceway

Dustwood National Raceway 0.4

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This is my first ever real track project so please don't expect one of the best track you've ever seen.
It is supposed to be a more natural track for national racing. It's located in a fictional forest of a fictional city named Dustwood. It is designed for F1 feeder series and GT racing.

It is still work in progress and it has no ai so far.

It would help me a lot if you could give me feedback after trying it out. And please rate it so I can see if it is good or bad and report any bugs so I can fix them but I am not good in modding.

If you see potential in the track and have more talent than I have when it comes to modding Assetto Corsa then you are allowed to work on it and release it with giving small credits to me.

I hope you enjoy driving.

Some Credits to LilSki.


First Ai:
-Not fast and not good but still work in progress.
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Latest updates

  1. AI

    First Ai: -Not fast and not good but still work in progress.

Latest reviews

It seems to me a very interesting track but one that lacks a bit more definition. I think that varying the width of the track in some areas would be very useful, to try to mark the track a little more and give it a little more character. A darker asphalt would help immersion, otherwise I liked it, it has good grip and is very enjoyable. I encourage development.
Good job, keep it up dude
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