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"Does this thing stay available?"-guarantee (Fanatec)

I'm currently having a "massive" struggle:
I want to buy the Fanatec McLaren GT3 Wheel with the CSL Elite Pedals AND the CSL DD, which is available in just over 4 months.

Is there any guarantee that the wheel/pedals will still be available until then? Otherwise I would have to buy the wheel and pedals already and then they would just turn dusty.
if you plan on owning all/any of them, buy whats available now. Because even in one big order items tend to ship separately as theyre all prepackaged & ready to ship. However, if warranty is your concern then get em later altogether but personally knowing Fanatec where they have inventory issues, shipping delays, price changes, etc etc id get whats available now.


SpeedyMite Racing
Keep in mind the CSL Elite are discontinued and replaced with the 'CSL pedals'. But load cells are not available yet for the later ones (they are announced but no time frame). There are some reviews out for the new ones, they probably give advices on which one to get.
If you order several items at once, and one is missing: they wait for it to be in stock again, they don't send the other pieces. But they don't put them aside either: so if an another one is out of stock when the missing one gets there... they wait again! I've read a few stories of people stuck in a loop for months.
It is true that they can make several shippings when you order at once, but you pay only once the shipping coasts. It can be more expensive when ordered separately: then they charge shipping coasts for each order. And then there is the guaranty running earlier as pointed out. But they constantly run out of stock, so it seems safer to get anything you can now!