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DiRT Rally 2.0 DiRT Rally 2.0 | Update 1.14 Now Available

Not sure if the engine can support it, but this game desperately needs longer stages. A RAID series with 20+ mile stages and hazards like rutting would make this game almost perfect. The game is too point and squirt, stages become memory after just one event and the longest stages are only 10 miles. Dirt/gravel surfaces don't vary much and lack many dynamics. Also they didn't fix the late co-driver calls at the earliest setting, just like the previous game, or the lack of camera adjustability. The damage model is pretty poor too and the online data storage is horrible. This game fixed the previous games lack of stages and that's it, I'm not getting my hopes up for dirt rally 3. No WRC or city/town SS is just... SMH
Every time I see an update for this game I hope that it is proper triple screen support.
Just can't believe they left it the way it is. Such a shame.
this game and Half Life Alyx are the only two reason i ever fire up my VR.. although the implimentation is much maligned, the VR gameplay is the best way to play it. so at least it has that. Now if they would bring triple screen or VR to F1_2109 or Grid as well, that would be nice! WHen i get tired of screaming at my computer in ac/acc/rf2/ams et al, its nice to kick back with arcade games.. but.. the kick is once you get used to VR/Triple those self same arcaders without them are very lacking.
Rutting is already in the game, drive a stage on the worst track deterioration and you will feel it.

it is an utterly miserable experience honestly, totally un-noted just like the endless "just on the braking point" bumps designed to make you crash aswell, you have no idea when it is going to be bad or fine, just yet another way Codes found to make the game overly difficult in a fake, false way. Stage deterioration just means less grip, not the stage looking like a Dakar stage for Gods sake.
When I install it via Content Manager the skin shows up in the car select menu but not in game, the car is just plain white. Anyone know how to fix? Would love to use it, looks sick :)
You get free rallycross cars extra and you complain? It's never good enough is it?
I'm complaining about having to download 19 GB. It takes ages to download all the files again and again.
I'm not complaining about the content - I'm not complaining about the actual game - otherwise I would have uninstalled it already, wouldn't I?
And yes: I'm very thankful for free updates.
But why on earth is it so different with AMS 1, AMS 2, AC, ACC, R3E, rFactor 2, BeamNG, Wreckfest and other games I own?
When they are getting updated you only have to download the new files. And if it is a monster update you have to download 5 GB from time to time - but not 19 GB. And there people on this planet with a even slower internet connection than me.
Beginning to lose interest in this game, the umpteen faults just get me down all the time,m the crap weather system, the way the cars feel completely different in dry to heavy rain, the awful roadside stuff that takes you out,

Think to be honest I feel like I am still playing DR1 which in effect I am.

I will never buy a Codemasters game again after this.


I don't get this complaining about the roadside stuff that takes you out? You stay on the road, it's fine. You get off road, there is a big chance that there will be something to take you out. That is rally. Go for F1 is you want huge safety areas around the track.
My point chr

Is this. IN rallying the road is very non definable. In most places you can cut corners or your notes will tell you to avoid that. And that is true for the most part int he game.

However there are some things that are not great, such as amazingly slippery grass, when in reality in somewhere like Australia, it is so dry a rally tyre would cut through that, hitting things like plastic bollards really impacts the car, and it dos not in real life, the finish boards are crazy, always have been in Dirt Rally games. No reason for it, they are normally just canvas and wood! Not concrete like they feel.

Ok yes stay on the road, and 99% of the time you do, but now and then you might just drift wide, or turn in a bit early and you are done by hitting something that is not simulated nearly as well as other parts of the game.

And the reason is difficulty, they falsely aid difficulty with things like this, that's all.


I get your point and kind of agree - the things outside the track are now always logical in how hard they are. I've had issue driving through a bush and then there a tree, a very thin one, that still stops the car like a concrete block.

Still, I've not found these things to be much of an issue, the game is not very difficult compared to proper simulations, but this game offers a lot of fun! Just finished driving the Ford Sierra in Jämsä - super fun!