DiRT 2.0: Plenty of Improvements Detailed in New Roadbook Video

Codemasters have shed plenty of light on what is set to be new and improved in DiRT 2.0 - giving yet more insight into what looks likely to be a very impressive new rally title.

DiRT 2.0 is set to become the successor to the very popular DiRT Rally title of 2015 from Codemasters, and as such the studio appear to have been at pains to ensure the things that the original title did well have been brought over to the new release, but with even more refinements and improvements to what was very much an impressive launch all the way back in December 2015.

With Codemasters using the new game to reinvigorate the push for a more realistic rally experience, moving away from the arcade focussed DiRT 4, players can hopefully expect a much more refined and detailed depiction of loose surface performance driving in 2.0, something that should resonate with fans of both the real world sport and the classic Colin McRae Rally series - a franchise of games that Codemasters have gone to great lengths to pay homage to with the new title.

Neatly wrapping up the synergy between the original series and this upcoming release, Codies have even gone so far as to announce a tribute steelbook edition of DiRT 2.0, firmly wedging the design of the packaging firmly in line with the 2000 CMR2.0 game - a definite classic for rally fans of the era...

"For us, using the same design principles as we did for Colin McRae Rally 2.0 felt like a natural fit,’ said Codemasters’ Product Manager, Matthew Beckett. ‘After all, the “2.0” of DiRT Rally 2.0 was on homage to the title of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 – and although the games have changed a lot since then, our raison d’être has remained the same: to represent rally racing as truthfully as possible. Using this design is a nostalgic tribute to one of our most-loved rally games, but also a promise to our community to deliver the same, white-knuckle experience that Colin McRae Rally 2.0 did all those years ago.’

Chief Games Designer Ross Gowing said of the Steelbook: ‘it’s a great nod to where the studio has come from, and reminds us all of the amazing quality benchmark that Codemasters have always set.’
Not long to go now folks, just get Christmas and the New Year out of the way and we shall be all set to have some off road racing fun!

DiRT Rally 2.0 will release February 26th 2019.

DiRT 2.0 Screenshot.jpg

If you want to discussion the game with our passionate community, and read about the latest news, check out the RaceDepartment DiRT Rally 2.0 Sub Forum for a great place to pick up mods, catch the latest news and chat about the game with our community. Give it a go, just keep it DiRTy!

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Nov 13, 2010
thats all very nice but why no VR !!

Patrik Marek

Oct 25, 2014
well, that's still quite far away , I really liked Dirt Rallye, so this I will pobably buy straight away , although I stll have WRC7 that I haven't played that much so who knows in the end

VR would be great, but I think most of us would be way slower in VR on Rallye stages
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David Brock

May 3, 2009
VR would be great, but I think most of us would be way slower in VR on Rallye stages
I could careless if it makes me slower... I want to be in the car.... It's like those that use chase mode instead of cockpit... They are faster, but they are loosing out on the whole point of sims. Which is to be in the car in as realistic way as possible.
Dec 2, 2016
I don't feel like I really came away from this video with many of my questions answered, since much of the improvements they were talking about were graphical, and handling is given kind of a quick handwave. Suppose we'll still see.


Aug 28, 2018
From the sounds of it, (Product manager and Games designer comments) they are looking to make a good rally racing game that will surpass their previous efforts so...I'm definitely in. McRae Rally is mentioned as homage, and it being titled Dirt Rally 2.0 would leave me thinking it won't be a "Dirt 4" sequel.

*Would the constant shaking and jumping etc., be too much for an immersive VR experience?

David Brock

May 3, 2009
The more games/sims that support VR, the people will invest in VR..... It's which came first, the chicken or the egg..... Does Codemasters want to be ahead of the curve like there were with the original VR or be a follower... It's up to them... Oh and remember CodeMasters, Knowledge is power. So the farther you are ahead of developing VR compared to the others. The farther you will be in every other part of your knowledge and programming....
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Feb 2, 2014
VR support would be nice indeed, I tried Dirt Rally in VR and it was one of the best VR experiences, since especially in rallying the low resolution isn't really an issue.

But I can now see why developers are so reluctant to add support:

That's from latest Steam hardware survey. Only 0.78% of Steam users in total.

Didn't 4% get thrown around as a number quite frequently before?


Aug 18, 2015
Didn't 4% get thrown around as a number quite frequently before?
No clue, and no clue how accurate Steam survey is. "Participation in the survey is optional, and anonymous".

But if true, then extra costs to develop VR can't be high for a dev, because extra revenue won't be either

And yes among simracers who own a wheel, that 0.78% is probably higher
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Enzo Fazzi

Always sideways
Apr 18, 2014
I wonder what the percentage of people with VR is if you look within Codemaster's market range. Definitely more than 0.79%.

I think it's a poor effort that they're not implementing VR in this or in the F1 games. They're a much larger studio than S397, Kunos and so on...


Dec 7, 2008
Maybe it's time that RaceDepartment does a raliable Survey among it's members, so we will know what the % is among specific game genre buyers. I am sure developers would take a look at it
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