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Dev stream Q&A - Thursday Dec 4, 17.00 CET

Jay Ekkel

Nov 5, 2007

Hi all,

Thursday the 4th of December at 17.00 CET we will have our next dev stream, which as the last time will be a show and tell of things to come and what we have been working on since last time.

This will also give us the opportunity to answer some of your questions. So if you have any questions please post them in this thread and we will answer them. Well at least as many of them as time allows!

the Dev stream will take place o twitch:

And if you want to see the last dev streams then please check them out here:



Jun 17, 2014
I have written this in another thread but i would like to ask again.Is there any plans for the f3 european championship since it shares most tracks with dtm or even another open wheel series like formula 4 or else?
Now don't quote me on this but i specifically remember Jay telling that "open wheels are in the plans" But it was just that. No matter the pressure, he didn't say any other thing :D

My long list of questions; it's okay if you don't answer these as they are very specific

1. how far away are the le-mans class cars? nissan and audi?
2. how far away are the fabcar, silhoutte, nzx300 etc.
3. will we get the dtm classics pack in 2014 or is it 2015 now?
4. Are you planning to work on the shadows? Every other aspect is just ace but even with the maxed out settings, some shadows are still very ugly.
5. Is weather planned?
6. How far away is the permanent new user interface. I recall the current white and red one is temporary. Right?

That's all.
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Apr 4, 2013
it would be interesting to know if in the future you will be able to save various set-up for the car, I find it very strange that this option is not yet available, the rest is all ok for me!
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Apr 18, 2011
When are Pitstops coming to the rest of R3E?

When will we be able to save multiple car setups?

Any plans to add multi class racing?
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Vojko Music

May 26, 2014
Hi there. Newcomer here ^^

First of all. You have done a nice improvement to the game but there are few things I would like to know:

1. What happened with the sound? It was so loud and quality made but sounds in cockpit are not so good anymore? What happened to those sounds?

2. Are there any plans to include a weather or/and night mode?

3. What's up with the graphics? Are they done as they are done now or are there any plans to improve some visuals to the game? The game looks so grayish to me. At least you could add some more light and life to the game or something like that.

4. Why are we able to change car setups only in the Get Real mode? it would be nice to modify car setups in any mode, like in amateur (like TC, ABS, fuel, and so on). What is the point behind that?

5. Are there gonna be done some more optimizations related to the game engine, graphics and after all single player with the AI?

Cheers and thanks for informing us!

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Staff member
Jun 5, 2009
Hi Sector3,

Couple of quick ones from me if I may?

Could we please have an expected release date for the following ?
  • WTCC Experience 2014
  • ADAC GT Masters Experience 2014
  • DTM Classics
Please could you give an indication as to when you expect dedicated servers to be available?

Are any plans in the pipeline to recreate any historic series (apart from DTM) in RR3? If so, would these be as individual cars / car packs or an 'Experience (cars & tracks).

Do you have any plans to allow custom championship in the near future, if so, could you give us an indication of when these might be available?

Are we likley to have an update in December (17th? :)), and if so, what should we expect please?

Right, thats it for me, thank you very much and once again, everything you guys have done up to this point has been outstanding, i am forever greatful for your work sirs!

Many thanks,



Mar 17, 2014
For me jay :)

-any advances in current new physics.
-What old cars updated to new physics
-Single seaters coming
-Any new licenses signed?

-last and not least, a custom championship mode.( ala race07)

cheers dude :)
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Apr 16, 2013
4. Are you planning to work on the shadows? Every other aspect is just ace but even with the maxed out settings, some shadows are still very ugly.
And resource intensive, they need lot of tweaking.

My questions:

1. What tracks can we expect on short term? Nordschleife? :)
2. DTM 2014 inter-sessions saving?
3. Championships or Experiences for WTCC and ADAC GT?
4. BTCC or STCC car and track pack? (really love the STCC expansion on Race 07).
5. Any improvements on tyre model?
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