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Decisions, decisions..

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by ShinyAndy, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. ShinyAndy


    I've been away from the fold for quite a while! Back in the good ol' days we used to run with 2 x Frex motion systems, SimWHEEL, hydraulic pedals and triple screens. Things seem to have moved on quite a bit now, especially price wise and so I'm thinking of dipping my toe back in but not quite sure what would give the best bang for buck.

    I'm not at the levels of being to afford 3 (or 5!) DOF motion, DD wheels and Heusinkveld pedals and so I want to jump back in lightly. I'm torn between using a Fanatec (Forza Motorsport Bundle) strapped to a desk or for just a bit more I could go Thrustmaster T300 but with a Prosimu T1000 so I could almost recreate what I was used to

    My concern is that compared to the Frex wheel and pedals the T300 will feel like a toy, so I'm torn!

    Ultimately I want to go VR but would rather wait for the 2nd gen stuff, so for now what is the screen of choice that doesn't cost the earth?
  2. K1tst3r


    Did you buy the t1000?