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CSR Elite Forza (xb360) - Wheel mod options?

I just came into a CSR Elite Forza (xb360) - I'm an XB1 racer with a TX setup currently. Wanted to see how I could best use/mod this for the XB1 setup I have (as either a primary or secondary rig). Fanatec support stock answer was 'not compatible'. To be clear this is the one with the base that looks more like a CS with red metal on the sides (https://fanatec.com/media/pdf/fc/89/9c/CSR-E-ManualymwRwdgONSqpu.pdf)

Thought is to connect via Drivehub which I've got on order.

Now for the wheel itself, would it be possible to use the formula V2 wheel (or another formula-style wheel) with this base? might need some sort of adapter rig, but it's hard to get good detail on this base.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!