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Competition Time | Guess the Track: Round Two

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Welcome to the second round of our short series of ‘guess the track’ fun competitions.

The aim of the game is simple – watch a short video of just my wheel and hand movements from a single lap of a sim racing circuit – then guess the track!

What do you win? Nothing! Yes, we have a big prize pool of literally zero goodies to give away for the correct guess… so this is for freakish motorsport knowledge honour and nothing more!

Round 2 video below:

If you missed round 1, catch up HERE


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Sim Racing is awesome!
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Nice apex, I'll take it!
Norisring. Took me a lap and a half to work it out, but the shortness of the lap could only be Norisring.

Deleted member 205301

Ok, Norisring seems the good one :)
I had to draw it to see wich track (and my drawing is so ugly^^)
Fun post, really enjoyed it :)
This one seems way too easy (not that the first one was hard), at least for people used to Raceroom who instantly recognize the DTM engine sound. Then you think about the limited number of tracks in R3E (you can even limit to the shortest ones), and after the first corner you already think about Norisring.
It would be better to use a sim with mods or a car with a sound so generic you can't tell from which sim it comes, to make it more interesting.
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EDIT: Got me wondering if it was a short/national/club of some bigger track, had to watch it a few times!

And much more entertaining to watch it before reading the comments :D
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